Wednesday – Wiki Life – Community French Wiki Ninja.

Hello community.

Today is Wednesday, day Wiki Life.

This is a Wiki Life different because it is Community Wiki Ninja French.

This is a special history year for the French community.

On November 4, 2011 Yuri Diogenes brought the first updates to the Wiki Ninjas. Among these updates there was a need to make the Wiki available to other languages and among them was the French language, the first support was conducted by Bruno Lewin. Our first portal of articles in French is called Wiki: Portail Technologies (fr-FR).

Then we had the translation page Friday International Update - More Options and there was the French again, and as a child the French community Wiki and gave its first steps. After the team worked on the Wiki Ninjas standardization of tags per country in order to facilitate the location of items in the native language.

We started working with only 17 items, Yagmoth555 – 12 and Bruno Lewin - MSFT – 2 but few articles I confess we hand to help the international community to continue our journey.

We had a pleasant surprise the Wiki Ninjas Stick Pictures French and certainly our French stick figure is found in the list.

The French community grew and with the help of Bruno Lewin and Gokan had the launch of the exclusive program MTFC - French Microsoft Technical Contributor to encourage even our French community.

So far this is the updated list of MTFC and dates of appointment:

Mathieu Deleplanque - 2013/05/12

Gokan Ozcifci - 2013/06/14

Jean-Philippe Bay - 2013/07/05

Hezequias Vasconcelos - 2013/10/06

Benoît Jester - 2013/11/22

KETATA Ramy - 2013/05/07

Alexandre COURCELLE - 2013/05/07

In the articles have only a guide with articles in French, this guide is not mine nor is yours the French community.

Guide Ultime des Articles Francais dans le Wiki

Another important factor is the top five French; we are working to get to the TOP 5 French contributions.

Top 5 French Contributors on Technet Wiki

Now occupy fifth place overall in the international ranking.

Friday with International Community Update Progress in each Language November 2013

Team of the French Community - TFC

This is a community French that makes the difference in Microsoft Wiki, fóruns, blogs Technet and MSDN.

Bruno Lewin

Yagmoth555 (Philippe Levesque)

Gokan Ozcifci

Benoît Jester

Jean Philippe Bay

Alexandre Giraud



Bechir Gharbi


Bruce JDC

Florin Ciuca



Mathieu Deleplanque

P barth

Philippe Vialle

Tanguy T

Thierry Deman Barcelô


This is our way of saying thank you to all employees of the French community. Thanks to the work of all got valuable contributions, but we have a lot to improve and we need the support of everyone. Our special thanks to Bruno Lewin and Yagmott555 who started this great work some time ago and are our technical and personnel within our community reference.

Thank you very much.

Ninja Hezequias Vasconcelos.


Comments (8)

  1. Merci pour le partage  Hezequias !!!

    Excellent travail accompli !!!

  2. Merci Maheshkumar. Nous sommes fiers de faire partie de cette communauté.

    Thanks maheshkumar. We are proud to be part of this great community.

  3. Merci Hezequias pour ce post !

    Et merci pour tout ton travail !

  4. Merci pour votre commentaire. Benoît Je suis un grand fan de la communauté française et j'espère la voir bientôt dans la liste avenir de top 4.

    Thanks for your comments Benoît. I'm a big fan of the French community and I hope to see her soon in future list of top 4.

  5. Nous apprécions leur dévouement et leur engagement envers la communauté française Gokan. Merci à tous pour vos contributions.

    We appreciate their dedication and commitment to the French community Gokan. Thanks for all your contributions.

  6. Oh Hezequias, you know me, I'm just a a faithful servant..

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