2013 TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge Update! The early lead goes to Portuguese, German, and French!

First, go learn about the TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge here (if you haven't yet):

The 2013 TechNet Wiki Translation Challenge!!! BATTLE TIME!!! Who will win? Portuguese, Turkish, Spanish, French, Japanese, Russian, German, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Norwegian, Indonesian, Farsi, Chinese, or Vietnamese?

This contest lasts from November 30, 2013 to January 12th, 2014 (6 weeks).

All the tags are listed here: Wiki: Translation Tags 

So if you don't see your language listed on this page, it's because you don't have a translation tag yet! Start the tag, add it to the Wiki page linked above, and let me know in the comments below that we have a new language tag for the translations!


So how are the languages doing after just one week? 

  1. Portuguese - Durval leads us off with an amazing 55 articles in one week!
  2. German - Second comes Carsten with 16 articles!
  3. French - Next is Benoit with 13 articles!
  4. Italian - And Luigi gets Italian started with 1 article!
Not yet started: Turkish, Spanish, Russian, Persian,  Japanese, Indonesian, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese, etc.
I'm listing those languages that haven't started in order of how many articles there are in that language. See today's article from Tomoaki: Friday with International Community Update – Progress in each language (Nov. 2013)
I'd expect Turkish, Spanish, and Russian to have gotten started! You can do it!
And if any language wants to beat Portuguese... the secret is to team up! Build a team! 
And most importantly, have fun with it! Thank you to Durval, Carsten, Benoit, and Luigi for starting us off!
You can see their articles for the last week in the lists below...


See Translated into French


See Translated into German


See Translated into Italian.


See Translated into Portuguese.

Not Started

These languages haven't had translations yet (from November 30 to December 6):


Let us know your progress in the comments below!


Are you interested in helping translate TechNet Wiki into your language?



Well join the world!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (17)
  1. Awesome work from Durval !

    @Ed : I will update directly update your article social.technet.microsoft.com/…/21567.technet-wiki-translation-challenge-november-2013-to-january-2014.aspx; it will be easier for you.

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Benoit, Ed !

    I had two big surprises with this Blog post:

    – Wow, I did many translations! You may be wondering, why you translated many articles? (The answer is my second surprise).

    – Turkish Community does not have any translated article? (Ops, I have not been able to show my dismay. I'll try more). Oh my God, the Turkish Community has NO translated articles ? I worked so well this week to represent my Community and not needed.  

    = – (

    Before proceeding, let me make clear that this is just a joke.

    Now it's serious: I believe it is important to review the articles on your source language (whatever it), insert the tag translation of his language and, mainly, refer to the original article (whether in English or in the language of the author). This approximates to people, makes our Community united, "strong" and share even more knowledge to all members.

  3. Great work Durval (and Portuguese) !!

  4. Saeid Hasani says:

    Wow, Durval rocks!

  5. Benoit, that will help. Thanks!

  6. Durval, ha!

    I let the Turkish community know that you're challenging them!

  7. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Tomoaki ! Thanks Saeid !

    My intention was to keep the Brazilian Community in "second" place, but ended up looking like "Road Runner" on "Looney Tunes". Obviously, I dedicated most of my free time for translation of articles, but it was something natural, because I like to do this kind of work.

    I would like to also congratulate Benoit and Carsten. Great translators of our Community in this week.

  8. Durval Ramos says:


    I believe that many members of the Turkish Community have already translated many articles and just need to format the content with "Best Practices" of the Community. This is normal, and I'm very grateful to you and Naomi for show me articles to keep my standard translations in the TechNet Wiki.

    I'm sure that once they starting to include the tag "Translated into Turkish" in the articles, they will grow in this "battle".

    So, the big surprise will be next week.

    Come on Turkish Community, we all need you !

  9. This is great. Thanks again, Durval!

  10. We accept the challenge :^)

  11. Durval Ramos says:

    Oh my …. Gokan, I was just kidding.

    Now, I’m feeling like have found Mike Tyson and saying that he is “ugly”, or bet with Usain Bolt: “Whoever loses the race paid lunch”.


  12. Anonymous says:

    First, here were our previous blog posts for this contest:

    11/30 – The 2013 TechNet Wiki Translation

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday – Wiki Life post.

    If someone asks me "What was one

  14. Anonymous says:

    Bonjour, on est mercredi, et le mercredi c’est le jour des articles consacrés à la

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