Interview with Wiki Ninja: Jaliya Udagedara,TechNet Guru Medal Winner


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Today the interview will be with Jaliya Udagedra. So far Jaliya  has written 14 articles and is been active on forums since Nov 2010 and is muti time TechNet Guru Winner .

Technical Guru Series 

  • Visual C# Technical Guru - July 2013 (Gold/Silver/Bronze Medals)
  • Windows Store Apps Technical Guru - July 2013 (Silver/Bronze Medals)
  • Visual C# Technical Guru - August 2013 (Silver Medal)
  • Visual C# Technical Guru - September 2013 (Gold Medal)
  • Visual C# Technical Guru - October 2013 (Gold Medal)
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Mahesh: Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?

Jaliya: In simple I am a person who has a passion for technology. I am from Sri Lanka and currently I am working for a company called iOM Lanka (Pvt) Limited as a Software Engineer. I am 27 years old, still single and living with my mom and dad. I am blessed with a great family, mom, dad and my brother (now lives in Australia with his wife and with their cute little daughter). And of course I should mention my loving girlfriend who is there with me all these times (it’s been 6 years since we started loving each other, time to get married I thinkJ) , her mother (she really helps me a lot) and my loving dog Timmy J.

When speaking about the technology, I am just in love with Microsoft .NET framework. I use C# as my primary and most proficient programming language, but I still love to spend some time with C/C++ as well. My favorite areas in .NET Framework includes Asynchronous Programming, Windows Communication Foundation and the newest Win RT Application development.

Mahesh: What are your big projects right now?

Jaliya: I am maintaining a blog at which I am using to share my knowledge mostly about C# and everything related to programming in .NET framework. At the office I am working for some Business Intelligence projects which runs on top of Microsoft SQL Server. Apart from that, currently I am spending some great time with the Task Parallel Library and hoping to write some blog posts and of course some wikis.

Mahesh: What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?

Jaliya: It’s pretty simple to answer this question. If you want to learn and share, TechNet wiki is the place. Basically it’s for anyone who wants to learn something new.


Mahesh: What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

Jaliya: If you read any wiki article, I am sure you will find something new. The nice thing about wikis is, it is a group effort. For an example, if I have written some misleading information, there are a lot of experienced professionals who is ready to come forward, explain the mistake and to correct them. When they do that, I do get to learn my mistake, and every reader has the guarantee the information in the wiki is accurate.


Mahesh: What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?



Mahesh: Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?

Jaliya: For this I don’t have to think twice. It’s Ed and Naomi. I love Ed because his effort towards improving the accuracy and quality of wikis is amazing. I love Naomi because even though she is a DBA (if I am not mistaken), most of the times she is the first to read and comment my articles. It really encourages me.

Mahesh: Who has helped you to be who you are now?

Jaliya: First it is my loving mom, dad and my brother. Without them I will not be here doing what I am doing right now. For that I am forever great full to them. Then there are two persons I should specifically mention. It’s Fiqri Ismail, MVP in ASP.NET/IIS and Wellington Perera, the DPE lead at Microsoft Sri Lanka. I am learning a lot from them and the encouragement I am getting from them is highly remarkable.


Thanks Jaliya for all your contributions, and welcome to the community again.


Feel free to ask questions to Jaliya !!!!!!!


--Wiki Ninja Mahesh

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  1. Great to get to know you Jaliya. Good interview.

  2. Jaliya, it's great to see you interviewed! Thank you for all your contributions!

  3. Richard Mueller and Ed Price, Thank you so much for all the recognition!

  4. Congratulations. Excellent contribution to the TechNet Wiki community.

  5. Durval Ramos says:

    Great work Jaliya.

    I agree with you, Naomi is "wonderful"  !

  6. Good interview, as usual !

    Nice to meet you Jaliya !

  7. Naomi N says:

    I enjoyed many of your articles. They are simple enough to understand even for beginners.

  8. Hezequias,Durval and Benoit, Thank you so much!

    Naomi, Thank you so much for all the reviews and comments, it really encourages me.

  9. Gogula says:

    Excellent work that you have done here, Jaliya. Very inspiring. I wish more local talent would look up to this and be inspired.

  10. @Jaliya : Keep doing the great work… keep sharing !!!!!!!!

  11. Gogula, Thank you so much for the nice comment.

    Maheshkumar S Tiwari, Thanks for the nice interview.

  12. Congrats Jaliya on becoming MVP !!!

  13. Thank you so much Maheshkumar S Tiwari!

  14. Congrats for the award and for the technet gold medal.Interview with Wiki Ninja: Jaliya Udagedara,TechNet Guru Medal Winner

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have the pleasure of announcing another Wiki Ninja to graduate into the MVP Award… Jaliya Udagedara

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