Council Spotlight – The TechNet Wiki Turkish Blog is coming!!!

Starting next week, you'll want to keep your eyes out for the TechNet Wiki Turkish blog!


This began as a project where I saw that the Portuguese community was so vibrant that they could run their own blog about their community, and so we span one up:

Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog

These articles are about the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog: 

They have 9 authors now:

  1. Luciano Lima - MVP
  2. Jorge Barata - MVP
  3. Luiz Henrique Lima Campos - MVP
  4. Fernando Lugão Veltem - MVP
  5. Marcelo Sincic - MVP
  6. Daniel Donda - MVP
  7. Fabrício Sanchez - MVP
  8. Rover Marinho - MVP
  9. Hezequias Vasconcelos - MTFC

Hezequias has been blogging a lot lately!

Luciano has 36 total blog posts (on Wiki Ninjas and Wiki Ninjas Brasil), Luiz has 29 blog posts (on both blogs), and Hezequias has 22 blog posts (on both blogs). So Hezequias is catching up! Only 518 more and you'll catch up with me! =^o


... And that experience led to the next question: Are there any other language-based communities around TechNet Wiki that are also ready to run a blog?

The answer was an astounding YES!!!


Gokan Ozcifci (who was recently awarded MVP) put together a Turkish council that is ready to start blogging next week!


Turkish Wiki Ninjas blog

These articles are about the Turkish Wiki Ninjas blog: 

Similarly, they have 9 bloggers over there who are ready to go!

  1. Gokan Ozcifci - MVP 
  2. Mehmet Parlakyigit-MTTC
  3. Baris Aydogmusoglu 
  4. Asil Mutlu   
  5. Yavuz Tasci   
  6. Nihat Altinmakas
  7. Ozgur Duranlioglu  
  8. Mucahid Akcay
  9. Davut Eren


So thank you to the Turkish community, and we look forward to what you'll have on your blog: 


   - Ninja Ed



P.S. Find the Wiki Ninja Stick Figure images here: Wiki Ninja Stick Figures


Comments (21)

  1. Durval Ramos says:

    Only 518! Now it's easy …  ;-D

    Congratulations Hezequias, this is a reflection of his excellent work on TechNet Wiki.

    The Turkish Community really deserves more prominence on the excellent content that share with everyone.

    Congratulations on the new blog !

  2. Thanks Ed, We'll begin next week and I'm very exited about our Blog!

  3. You're welcome, Gokan. And thank you for taking the lead on this!

    Gokan, I'm mixed for the title of the blog. So you can change it. "Wiki Ninjas Turkish" sounded strange for me, so the blog is currently titled "Turkish Wiki Ninjas" — See what I mean here:…/wikininjastr  

    You can change the title of the blog to what you want.

  4. Thank you very much Ed This work is the fruit of all Brazil Wiki community. I'm sure that soon this list of authors will be greater as the numbers. 518 and stay on the heels of Ed is very good. 🙂

  5. Hezequias,

    You're welcome! Yeah, I was writing a blog post about the Turkey blog, but I also wanted to highlight your great work as well!

    Yes, only 518 to go! =^)

    You're doing a wonderful job on the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog!

  6. Mehmet,

    Thank you!

    Gokan will need your help getting the schedule filled up next!

    Looks like you're helping on Thursdays:…/20842.turkish-wiki-ninjas-blog-authoring-schedule-tr-tr.aspx

    That's great, because it's a hard one to find bloggers for!

  7. Durval,

    We need to interview you! Can you email me? It's edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

  8. The recent growth in the Turkish community is amazing. Few people realize how active that community is.

  9. Durval Ramos says:

    Hi Ed,

    You know like a lot of work on TechNet Wiki, and I want to talk to you several times (I'm going writing another e-mail to you with "news" soon).

    Only this time, you arrived late.    


    I've been interviewed by Hezekiah for the Blog "Wiki Ninja Brazil" and by Mahesh for the "Official Blog of TechNet Wiki." I'm being much sought after in the Community !


    Regards from your "padawan".

  10. amazing and extraordinary, really compliments, a very good job.

  11. Durval,

    It looks like both are upcoming! That's great!

  12. Durval Ramos says:

    Soon you will find out who is behind the Star Wars Helmet !


  13. Hello Ed

    Sorry my fault, surely the Turkish community will give a show and will soon be on success.

  14. Well deserved, as the Turkish Community is very active 🙂

    Congrats all !

  15. Anonymous says:

    Hello Community! Today is Friday with International Community Update . After end of each year we can

  16. Durval, have they cloned you yet? =^)

  17. Durval Ramos says:

    lol …. Ed, I’ll leave this question unanswered. A little mystery is always good ! ;^D

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