MVP, BizTalk Integration Summit and the Technet Wiki

Each year Microsoft organizes the global MVP Summit. MVP's around the globe are invited to come over to the Redmond campus or the Hyatt Hotel in Bellevue to meet privately with Microsoft product teams for multiple deep-dive technical sessions. This year the summit will be held twice. The first was in February while celebrating the 20th anniversary and the second one is now in November. The reasoning behind setting it up a second time in a year is due to the fact that Microsoft has decided to move the Summit to the fall time frame in order to more closely align with the many product release schedules.

The MVP Summit provides us MVP's a chance to meet up with each other in person and discuss (new) technology, recent developments and the of course the TechNet Wiki.  As many of us MVP's have some affiliation with this evolving interactive platform. Either as a contributor, supporter or consumer we are committed to the TechNet Wiki. The MVP Summit is also an ideal moment for us to discuss between each other and Microsoft the future efforts to enhance, improve and grow the TechNet Wiki.

Every Microsoft Integration MVP contributing on the TechNet Wiki will be present this year at the second MVP Summit. One of us, Tord G. Nordahl, will be presenting a session on the TechNet Wiki. His goal of this session will be to create more awareness of the TechNet Wiki and its advisory board. The latter having currently around thirteen MVPs on board and more in different technology areas are welcome!

This second Summit will prove to be valuable for us and the TechNet Wiki. And while you are reading this the summit will be in progress lasting from the 18th until 21st of November. For us Microsoft Integration MVP’s and the Microsoft BizTalk Product Team there will another summit following directly after the MVP Summit. This is the BizTalk Integration Summit 2013 from the 21st until the 22nd of November, where we will be joined by Integration Architects and SMEs, BizTalk Insiders, Partners, Customers, and Microsoft Integration specialists from around the world.

The BizTalk Integration Summit will give us an excellent opportunity to interact with all the attendees. As during this event we can have some good discussions going and share our thoughts about the BizTalk content on the TechNet Wiki. So hopefully we can make some more people enthusiastic to start contributing for the TechNet Wiki.

Steef-Jan Wiggers (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)

Comments (8)

  1. I cannot attent the MVP Summit this year, because I have a new born at home! So enjoy it Steef-Jan, and maybe see you Next year thear!

  2. Durval Ramos says:

    Enjoy this MVP Summit and, when you can, share your experience here.

  3. What Wiki Ninjas are at the Summit this year? Myself and Paul Turley were in the SQL Server BI Track yesterday.

  4. There are quite a few of us present in the Azure/Integration Track. That is Sandro, Tord, Dan, Myself and Michael. We are all in the Conference building 33.

  5. Greetings form the MVP Summit. I hope to meet some more Wiki guru's while I'm here, but the sessions in my area have been great.

  6. Greg Douglas says:

    Client demands have forced me to cancel my attendance at the BizTalk Summit this year. PLEASE post as the time allows related to content presented.


  7. Anonymous says:

    2013 has been a successful year for the BizTalk Server product. The 8th release of the product called

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