Interview with BizTalk Wiki Ninja: Mohit Gupta, MCC and TechNet Guru Medal Winner

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Today the interview will be with Mohit Kumar Gupta. Mohit is a MCC and TechNet Guru Winner . So far Mohit  has written 8 articles and is been active  on forums since Nov 2009.

Mohit's  Profile:

Mahesh: Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your specialty technologies?
Mohit: My Name is  Mohit Kumar Gupta .I am 25 years old, live in Noida (near Delhi, India)  with my family (mother, father and Wife).
I have been in the IT industry for more than 4 years. I started my professional career with BizTalk server. Since then, I have been working with Biztalk, C#, Dynamic Ax, and WCF.

Currently working as a Senior BizTalk developer at Zones Inc.

Mahesh: What are your big projects right now?
Mohit: One of my great project is replacing the legacy EDI system with BizTalk 2010. Our company is migrating their legacy system to BizTalk Server.
I am an active on MSDN Forum.I  have a blog where I share my knowledge of EDI, BizTalk Server, and also plan to do certification in Microsoft technologies. 

Mahesh: What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for?
Mohit: TechNet Wiki is a universe of knowledge  where community members share and discuss about various Microsoft products and technologies.
On TechNet Wiki you can write your thoughts on something then other people help in making your articles perfect. TechNet Wiki is growing very drastically, with the help of a great team.
Mahesh: What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job?
Mohit: It allows me to share my knowledge; it allows me to find out the best solution. Whenever I get time, I share my knowledge with the community.

Mahesh: What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?
Mohit: What engages me about the wiki is to collect and share knowledge about new concepts.
Mahesh: On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?
Mohit: I spend most of my time on BizTalk related articles.
Mahesh: What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

Complex FlatFile parsing using Biztalk Schema and Map (This was a TechNet Guru winning article)
muenchian grouping using custom Xslt 

Mahesh: What are your top favorite Wiki articles?


Biztalk server Resources
Biztalk server 2010 - begineers guide 
Biztalk List of Pipelines Component

Mahesh: Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why?
Mohit: I would like to say thank to all  TechNet Wiki contributors who share their knowledge.

My special thanks to 

Saravana Kumar
Richard Seroter
Sandro Pereira
Steef-Jan Wiggers
Leonid Ganeline
Nino Crudele

...for their incredible contributions for BizTalk Server .
Mahesh:  What does success look like for TechNet Wiki?
Mohit: Writing more articles, writing more solutions, and including best practices and knowledge from Microsoft MVP’s for all products will lead to success in TechNet Wiki.


Thanks Mohit for all your contributions, and welcome to the community again.


 Feel free to ask questions to Mohit!!!!!!!


--Wiki Ninja Mahesh

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  1. Good interview, short and sweet! Thanks Mahesh and Mohit!

  2. Mohit Gupta says:

    Thanks to all

  3. It's great to see you interviewed here, Mohit! Thank you for all your contributions!

  4. Atin Maheshwari says:

    Very nice Mohit. Many many congratulations to you.

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    Excellent Work!!!!

  7. Jitendra Bisht says:

    Congrats Mohit…keep doing the good work!!

  8. Glad to meet you Mohit. Keep up the good work.

  9. Congrats for the MCC TechNet Guru Medal Winner.Interview with BizTalk Wiki Ninja: Mohit Gupta, MCC and TechNet Guru Medal Winner

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