The first Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor !

It wasn't easy to choose the MTTC of the past months because the TAT made excellent efforts to lead the Turkish Community. They wrote more than 100 articles since October and contributed on many other areas like forums, Wiki, …


I’m not able to select a winner, because I love all the members of my team. So I asked to the Wiki Ninjas Bloggers and The International Council to vote for the person that they choose as the MTTC.

Mehmet received the most votes so he can name himself as the first MTTC. Mehmet can choose between a Mug, Certificate or a special dedicated blogpost.. Congratulations to Mehmet and Baris


Most contributing Turkish Ninja Number of Posts

 The last count was done on past Saturday. For more information and a large overiew please visit the following link:

Turkish Ninja Popular Article Edit Award


Most Active Turkish Contributor


Retired soldier

 Veysel Ugur Kizmaz has decided to leave us. I want to thank him for all his great job and wish him the best in his life. In the meanwhile he still continue adding articles on the WIKI but is not a member of the Turkish Avengers Team!

Farewell soldier and please don't forget that our doors are always open for you ! 🙁 


Follow US

We are now on different social platforms, please don't hesitate to follow us to get more info about the TAT. A Special Thanks to Baris and Mehmet who leading this! 


User Pages

If you want to know more about my army ( TAT ) we all have now User Pages. Please visit the following pages to get more information about us:



- Ninja Gokan

Comments (22)

  1. Durval Ramos says:

    Congratulations Mehmet ! Great work

  2. There has been impressive growth in the Turkish community. Congratulations Mehmet.

  3. Asil Mutlu says:

    Congratulations Mehmet ! Very good…

  4. Tebrikler Mehmet

    Congratulations Mehmet

    Félicitations Mehmet

  5. "Tebrikler Mehmet" !

    I think I've just wrote the first turkish word of my life ! 😉

  6. Tebrik ederim Kardeşim. Nice Başarılara.

  7. Hi,

    First of all this who awarded me the title of Ed Price, Bruno Lewin and Gokhan Ozcifci thank you very much. We really are a team of very successful. This is not only my success is the success of the Turkish Community. Gokan with our team, Yavuz, Asil, Nihat, Ozgur, Davut, Mucahit and Barıs supports me never thank them individually for their welfare.

    Again, comply with all of the family would like to thank the TechNet Wiki.

    Benoit Jester

    Turkish greeting me very honored indeed. 🙂 I thank you.

  8. Uğur Demir says:

    Congratulations Mehmet.

    Tebrikler Mehmet 🙂

  9. Thank you to the entire Turkish team! Congratulations to Mehmet, and also thank you to Baris and Gokan for being such consistent active contributors!

  10. İnanılmaz çalışma Türk Katılımcı tarafından yapılır … Oluyor İyi

  11. Amazing work done by Turkish Contributor… Good Going

  12. Thanks again Ed and Maheshkumar

    Turkish Super 🙂 by the way Maheshkumar

  13. Thanks to all for your kind words and your Turkish will to write 🙂

  14. M.Ufuk TATLIDIL says:

    Tebrikler Mehmet.

  15. congratulations for the top and a very good job very nice indeed. The first Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor !

  16. Davut EREN says:

    Thanks Gokan, Congrats Mehmet!

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