Wiki Life: How to Become an Author

Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday - Wiki Life post.

In the past we showed you how you can become an MSDN or TechNet forum moderator. We also showed you how you can become an MVP or MCC. What haven't we showed you yet? How you can become an author on this blog, how you can become a Wiki Ninja author. At the time I joined the authors team we were just a few, today we are more than twenty and we become more and more! The visible, invisible Ninja Ed created a list on requirements you must meet before you can become an author. Are these requirements solid? Is there any guarantee that I will become an author when I meet these requirements? Short answer: No. Some of them ensure that you are an active member of the wiki community, some of them are more subjective. If you want to become an author you should make yourself familiar with this article ... and we would be pleased if you join us.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)

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  1. Check it out:…/

    Horizon Net started in March 2012, when we added on some of our top language translators on the Wiki. Other folks added on from the translation efforts in that time period (February/March/April 2012) include Luciano, Tord, Yagmoth, Zoltan, and Fernando.
    So thanks to Jan for staying with us for so long!

    Through the process, we’re proud that Jan became an MVP. And Jan represents German in our International Council:…/19152.technet-wiki-international-council.aspx

    Check out all of Jan’s blog posts over the last year+. He focused mostly on Article Spotlights (Tuesdays) and Wiki Life (Wednesdays):…/horizon_5f00_net

  2. Also, this article acts as an overview about non-MS folks starting and contributing on MSDN and TechNet blogs:…/  

  3. Shanky_621 says:

    Hello Horizon Net,

    If I am not wrong MCC was to be conducted every 3 months ,but lately i have not seen any recipients of this aware.(
    .It was changed before, is it still going under some changes.

    Just curious . I would be grateful if Ed can also shed some light on it


  4. Shanky_621 says:

    Pardon me if it is not correct post to comment on MCC award

  5. Naomi N says:

    I believe there were no new recipients in October, so looks like the program is frozen again. You may try sending email to the MCCA coordinator. If you get any response, can you please share it with us?

  6. Right. The MCC program has had a lot of problems. And one of the problems is that there's no clear way to report the problems or discuss it with them (there's an email on their site, but they only respond a little bit, and usually only after they solve the issues). So I'm separating myself from them. There are much better ways for me to contribute to the community than to try to be the PR system that they don't have.

    So I politely refuse to help with MCC issues. =^)

  7. Shanky_621 says:

    Dear Naomi/Ed,thanks for sharing your thoughts i have mailed them will surely update you  if I get update from them.

    >>There are much better ways for me to contribute to the community than to try to be the PR system that they don't have.

    Correct and  that hold true for everybody 🙂

  8. Thanks for sharing this! I was wondering about this just the other day. It's good to know the path to becoming a Wiki blog author!

  9. Thanks for sharing, requirements MCC and MVP had read, I missed only one article on how to become a moderator, thanks again!

  10. although I noticed one thing, I have a total of 1633 answers useful, such as in the Forum, but I noticed that users with far fewer answers are, however, moderators, what am I missing?

  11. Good info Horizon_Net, I am going to work on the requirements for becoming a Wiki author. I still have the MCC badge (I was awarded in  July) so maybe the official notification emails are delayed again.

  12. Thanks, Jan! You advertise this better than I have!

    @Matthew – 2 more articles to go! =^)

    @Carmelo – Only 14 Wiki comments to go!

    @Danny – 9 Wiki articles and 14 blog comments!

    I almost feel bad about these requirements, but it was important to have a standard to be fair and to have a reason for the requirements. Thanks, everyone!

  13. Regarding becoming a Moderator…

    @Horizon Net – Wow, I thought of everything! =^)

    @Carmelo –…/activity – It looks like you'd want to be a Moderator in some Italian forums? Shoot me an email that follows the article I wrote. Link to your profile, to each forum, business needs for a new moderator to be in each forum, etc. To answer your question, it's not just a points reason (some people have less Recognition Points than you) or how many answers you have. It's usually just a question of whether or not you were able to get a hold of the forum owners and make a good case (plus meet the minimum requirements). So the article shows you how to do that and email it to me. Let us know here so that I can watch out for your email. Thanks!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hello and welcome everybody to our Wednesday – Wiki Life post. Some time ago we have discussed how

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