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Welcome to our Tuesday Article Spotlight!

Today let's look at a TechNet Wiki article that lists out all the TechNet Wiki articles that are about this blog (and the other Wiki Ninjas blogs), which are all about TechNet Wiki!!!

Confusing yet?? =^)


Wiki Ninjas Blogs Portal


Here's the first section...


Wiki Ninjas blog

This section includes articles about the English Wiki Ninjas blog: 



The other sections are about the other Wiki Ninjas blogs. Check it out...

Wiki Ninjas Blogs Portal


And you can find a link to the Wiki Ninjas Blogs Portal on the upper right corner of the home page of the Wiki Ninjas blog (this blog you're on): 


 Come on in! The Wiki is warm.

   - Ninja Ed 


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  1. Durval Ramos says:

    Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog !

    Very good Brazilian Community. Thanks Ed.

  2. Right, thanks, Durval!

    For those who are confused, if you go onto the Wiki NInjas Blogs Portal page, you'll see links to all the Wiki articles about the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog. There's one article that lists the authors of that blog and another article that gives the team's authoring schedule.

  3. Durval Ramos says:

    It's like Ed wrote(confused), but I believe the organization and commitment of several members of the Brazilian community, including the authors of the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog, generate the "work" of organizing much content on a schedule like this…/18897.agenda-de-publicacoes-no-blog-wiki-ninjas-brasil.aspx

    This community is even ninja !

    Who still confused, go =>…/wikininjasbr

  4. Shanky_621 says:

    I loved the information about how to become author

  5. Thanks Shanky! Right now, this is the only blog with a clear process of how non-MS folks can become authors. Other blogs also do it, but they are so specific (like MVPs of an area) that there's not much of a reason to give a process. This article acts as an overview about non-MS folks starting and contributing on MSDN and TechNet blogs:…/


  6. Naomi N says:

    Hi Durval,

    Welcome to community, I noticed you created a lot of articles recently. I think most of them are translations of various SQL Server articles, right? If so, please, don't forget to update the articles you're translating with the link to this newly translated article in the Other Languages section. That original article should also get new tags such as 'Has Other Languages' and 'Multi Language Wiki Articles'

  7. Durval Ramos says:

    Hi Naomi !

    Before you answer, I want you to know … I'm your fan! I've talked this to Ed, can ask him.  😉

    For this reason, I began to translate all content that you generated in the article "Portal Transact SQL," but of course I am also creating my own articles (mostly of SQL).

    There is much work to be done in the TechNet Wiki, and I would love you I'm sorry if you do not fulfill correctly the definition names for other languages​​, but it was pure ignorance.

    In Articles translated I inserted a statement for your article in English: "Traduzido do artigo original em Inglês" which means "Translated from the original article in English". However, I'll change the items as you indicated.

    I want to help further the Community TechNet Wiki, translating content and rules of the Wiki (which already exist in English), for a content organized in Portuguese and easy to access to "White Belt".

    In summary, there are many excellent articles, but today does not have a link handy or easy search for those looking to be "or Orange Belt Yellow Belt", and this situation can get worse with more articles created without this orientation, overloading the work of the "Black Belt ".

    Hope to talk to, and learn, with you several times Naomi.

    Greetings from your humble "padawan".

  8. Naomi N says:

    Durval, I am impressed by your work. You're doing great, thanks again! You soon will get all the belts 🙂

    BTW, you may try calculating your current status and adding yourself into Ninja articles.

  9. Right, sorry. The Ninja Belts system is currently on hold, but we'll get back to it. Too many great things to do with too few workers to do it!


  10. Right, sorry. The Ninja Belts system is currently on hold, but we'll get back to it. Too many great things to do with too few workers to do it! Until then (as Naomi mentioned), Wiki Ninjas are welcome to calculate their own belt status.


  11. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Naomi, his words are motivating !

    I was a little upset by not writing the articles translated in the best way, but it fix all items "Multi Language". Now I will translate my articles into English and I will prepare more content about SQL to help everyone.

    I believe I still have a lot to work with the community, but I want to always be with you, Ninja Black Belt !



    Utilizing this post. The idea of the belts is excellent, hope you and all staff involved in think how to do it again, perhaps with a small change in the number of articles for each belt Ninja, so that young authors in the Community do not get scared by the "numbers" to change the color of the belt, stopping to collaborate writing / editing articles.

    It´s an idea. Let´s a little think.

  12. Wow, I just noticed all the Translation achievements in Durval's profile. Great work.

  13. Thank you, Durval!

    Well, we purposefully wanted big changes between the belts with a lot of requirements, so that it would be harder to get the belts (and people couldn't rush through it as fast). But what I really need is help calculating and adding people. Want to help with it?


  14. Durval Ramos says:

    Sure Ed,

    I wrote before, I'm in the Wiki Ninjas to help. I need that you guide me how to get name of people in TechNet Wiki Ninjas and what are the rules for these calculations.

    I imagine that you and your team have thought much about the belts, but I still think that some criteria make the "awards" difficult for the younger members, can generate a "psychological block" for beginners working in our Community.

    I understand that the difficulty should increase incrementally until the last "Dan", in the Black Belt. I believe that in the current format, with time, we having a few "dinosaurs" creating articles and very few "novices" (this can lead to extinction). Without new members, we will not having continuity.    😐

    However, I hope you understand that this is my thinking and I respect all the work that you and others made for these awards.

    I await your guidance.

  15. Durval,

    Right now the difficulty is the saving grace! Otherwise it would make way too much work. We have Profile Achievement Medals and other awards for members to get more quickly. We want the belts to be something that takes some time to achieve, even the first ones.

    How about in email? It's edprice at Microsoft.


  16. congratulations for the top and a very good job very nice indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TNWiki Article Spotlight – The Wiki Ninjas Blogs Portal

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