Council Spotlight on Wiki Ninjas – Why do we have 3 blogs???

Here are the three Wiki Ninjas blogs:
  1. Wiki Ninjas - - This blog has a daily schedule (moving toward two posts a day) with a different theme for each day, a rotation of 18 blog authors, and has been going strong for nearly 3 years. It even includes a roadmap for adding in new authors. Of all the blogs on TechNet and MSDN, I've never seen a blog with so many different authors and so many comments on each post (when the authors change like that)! In other words, the blog is truly a community!
  2. Wiki Ninjas Announcements - - We're using this new blog to make shorter and more consistent announcements... TechNet Guru progress and winners, Wiki Ninjas Belts winners, Wiki milestone)s, and more.
  3. Wiki Ninjas Brasil - - Following the system of the English Wiki Ninjas blog, we created one that is in Portuguese and focuses on content from the Portuguese community. This blog is fairly new and already boasts 9 blog authors and a pretty full schedule!
You can tell from our success with the Portuguese blog, we hope to have blogs from other languages in the future (it's inevitable, because we have an International Council currently growing communities around 10 languages right now)!
More about the new Wiki Ninjas Announcements blog...
Essentially the blog posts will be short announcements. So, for example. we’ll post the profiles of people who get the Wiki Ninja White Belt. We will also post the winners of the TechNet Guru contest in individual mini blog posts. We will blog about when we feature articles on the Wiki home page. We will also post announcements like when we get regular milestones on total articles, or things like that.
The current authors are:
  • Peter Geelen - Senior Premiere Field Engineer in Belgium. Member of the TechNet Wiki Community Council and long-time author on Wiki Ninjas blog.
  • Peter Laker - Member of the TechNet Wiki Community Council, blogger on the Wiki Ninjas blog, owner of the weekly Top Contributors blog posts, leader of the amazing TechNet Guru contest, and the creator of the TechNet Wiki Windows 8 app, the Wiki Crawler Windows Azure Web app, and the TechNet Guru judging app.
  • Ed Price - Power BI Customer PM; I use community engagement to increase the level of quality in our products and then also to provide a better user experience for our customers by ensuring a stronger community and better user resources


Any thoughts on what kind of short announcements we should post?


   - Ninja Ed

Comments (12)

  1. Great job Ed, with all these blogs! I'll hope I get the our one day for the Turkish Community!

  2. "This blog", you mean "the other blog" ? 🙂

  3. "Great job Ed, with all these blogs! I'll hope I get the our one day for the Turkish Community!" – Thanks, Gokan, I think we're close. Let's chat with Bruno about this in Skype and see what he thinks. Because I think originally we were thinking we'd try to get a dedicated Wiki before a blog for each language.


  4. Benoit, good catch! I updated it with a link to the new Announcements blog. Thanks!

  5. A Wiki is also a ok Ed let's chat on Skype ! 🙂

  6. Durval Ramos says:

    Wiki Ninjas Brasil has enormous potential to add knowledge to the entire community that speaks in Portuguese. It's early, but willing to collaborate will grow further.

  7. Thanks, Durval! Yes, I feel great about it, already!

  8. The Turkish blog is coming soon! So that will make 4!

  9. Durval Ramos says:

    Thanks Ed. Your work motivates everyone to continue contributing to the Community TechNet Wiki and other resources.

    Congratulations also Gokan and Benoit.

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