Friday International update: What happened to the Norwegians!

Hello and welcome to this International update!

I wanted to write this post towards the Norwegian technology community!

It seems like the Wiki bug never really infected the Norwegians as bad as it did with me. I've been sick for over 2 years.

So this is my plea to the Norweigan community to start contributing and show off, we do have a lot of really high technical skilled People in Norway, and a lot of MVPs for different technologies.

So to get the guys started, if you want to write in Norwegian no problem, start off by looking here and add whatever article you have written to this list:

Norwegian articles on the TechNet Wiki

If you want to know more about what you can write here, just take a quick look at the different articles out there, you can translate one, for you can simply add a new one, just make sure you put passion into your article. Although there`s a competition on this blog we are all looking for quality articles, and I know that you guys have them!

Share and have fun! And don't be afraid, the Wiki won`t bite!

By the time this article goes out, I'll make sure the word is spreading within the Norwegian technology community. And the first of you to comment here will receive a very special TechNet Wiki gift!

Norway as mentioned has a few MVPs (not all of them are showing this off public) but I wanted to highlight them below to give them the extra boost to start joining the TechNet Wiki.

Einar  Ingebrigtsen | Client Development
Andre N. Klingsheim | Developer Security
Joar  Øyen | Microsoft Integration
Jurjen  van Leeuwen | App-V
Niall  Merrigan | ASP.NET/IIS
Nicolai  Henriksen | Enterprise Client Management
Olav  Tvedt | Software Packaging, Deployment & Servicing
Terje  Sandstrøm | Visual Studio ALM
Tommy  Skaue | Dynamics AX

So guys, get going, and help contributing!

Best wish from

The Norwegian Wiki Ninja Tord

Comments (8)

  1. Pete Laker says:

    Ninja Guru Tord, blogging from the fjords!

    Great to see the Norwegians keeping a high profile in the community.

    Now I have an irresistible urge to defrost a Grandiosa! A-ha! 😀

  2. "And don't be afraid, the Wiki won`t bite!"


  3. Great! Welcome to all the Norwegians!

  4. I just added two of my latest articles for the Norwegian TechNet blog to TechNet Wiki:

    What`s New in Windows PowerShell 4.0 (nb-NO)…/20390.whats-new-in-windows-powershell-4-0-nb-no.aspx

    Introduction to Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (nb-NO)…/20389.introduction-to-windows-powershell-desired-state-configuration-nb-no.aspx

  5. Great work Jan! A secret will come your way soon!

  6. Naomi N says:


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