Turkish Forum, Assistance needed for the Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor Award and our Kickoff

Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor

My intention is to get a better Turkish Community and I know that I can’t achieve this alone. My dream, and also the dream of many others is to see a stronger Turkish Community.

A few days ago the “Turkish Avengers Team” (TAT) was born and we all have the same ideology! I know our volunteer army will help us to reach our (my) goal.

I want to thank them all but I have no idea how to do it. So ladies and gentlemen here is a question for all of you: “How should you thank the TAT members”?  We only know one thing and that’s the name of our Award: “Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor” Award 

Here are the propositions:

  1. A Wiki Ninja certificate like the French Community
  2. A special Blogpost about the current MTTC Awardee
  3. A MTTC Mug

Please help me to decide by giving propositions or suggestions in comments. If you have other idea’s they are absolutely welcome! 


I received a wonderful mail from Bruno who confirmed me that the Turkish Community got his own forum: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/tr-tr/home?forum=tnwikitr

So my army; no more mail, no more chatting and no more calls! Everything should be done here to keep it alive! 


Kick Off

I also want to share with you the meeting minutes of our first virtual meeting on Skype! If anybody is interested joining us, please let me know!

  • Each Turkish Council member will work independently but will not forget that we are a team!
  • Each Turkish Council member will try to insert A MINIMUM of 2 articles a week
    • 2 articles X 6 members = 12 articles a week
    • 12 articles X 4 weeks = 48 articles per month at least
  • They do this job only for the "Community" to get a stronger "Turkish Community"
  • All Created or Translated article will be placed under:  http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/contents/articles/19944.turkish-council-translation-center.aspx   
    • At the end of each month we can see the Most Active Turkish Contributor so he - or hopefully ever a she - can deserve the MTTC Award

TAT Members

Comments (14)

  1. Thanks Steef-Jan,

    I'll open the the voting: I'll vote for #2 the Mug !

    Certificate: 0

    BlogPost: 0


  2. Gokan excellent initiative. Congratulations.

  3. Mais tu n'arrêtes jamais ! 🙂

  4. Naomi N says:

    Congratulations – terrific idea!

  5. Well, I think you should definitely do a dedicated blog post for the MTTC winner!

    And then the mug would be better than the certificate, but the mug might cost more (money and time) to acquire and send it. So even though the mug is a better experience, the certificate might be the way to go for logistical reasons. Regardless, I give one vote for the blog post and one for the mug (since you should do both)…

    Certificate: 0

    Blog Post: 1

    Mug: 2

  6. I wonder if the Russian or Spanish community wants to do an award like the MTTC too? So far we have rewards for English, Portuguese, French, and Turkish…

    ◦ English:  TechNet Guru Awards

    ◦ Portuguese: TechNet Wiki Day Brazil  

    ◦ French: Microsoft Technical French Contributor (MTFC) Award                

    These are listed here:

  7. I vote for the certificate. You can frame or post it somewhere.

    Certificate: 1

    Blog Post: 1

    Mug: 2

  8. I vote for the certifcate, too.

    Certificate: 2

    Blog Post: 1

    Mug: 2

  9. Last vote; who will determine the MTTC award ^^

  10. I vote for a mug PLUS a certificate, because you really want  to push your initiative.

    (If you have overwhelming success, you are free to downgrade to a certificate only.)

  11. Hmm,Thanks to all! The voting is closed.I will do certificate and mug. One time each .. :^)

  12. Pete Laker says:

    Great initiative Gokan. Keep up the great work. I will help in any way I can.

  13. Congratulations for the good job you have done in your work on the microsoft technet wiki and you get the guru ninja. Wiki Ninjas – Official Blog of TechNet Wiki
    Wiki Ninjas is a group of authors who celebrate and evangelize the community.Turkish Forum, Assistance needed for the Microsoft Technical Turkish Contributor Award and our Kickoff

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