TechNet Wiki – Community News (MVP, Blog Authors, and French Forum)

Today's a mixed bag of community news for TechNet Wiki...


1. Congratulations to Wiki Ninja Blogger and TechNet Wiki International Council Member, Gokan Ozcifci, who was named SharePoint MVP!

    • I'm proud to point out that Gokan joins the ranks of many Wiki Ninjas who became MVPs after they started contributing to TechNet Wiki... Tord, Margriet, Luiz, Tomoaki, Fernando, Horizon Net, and Santosh!


2. The French Community now has a forum to discuss their community progress and questions about TechNet Wiki:


3. Congratulations to Maheshkumar Tiwari, who is now a blog author on this Wiki Ninjas blog!


4. Congratulations to Hezequias Vasconcelos, who is now a blog author on the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog:


These news items relate to the Community Council areas of focus... Blog Planning and the International Council.

Please join me in congratulating Gokan, Maheshkumar, Hezequias, and the French Community!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (10)

  1. Yes , Yes, Yes…………………….. Congrats Gokan !!!!!  im very happy for you !!!

  2. Thanks Philippe for the french forum !

    Congratulations to Gokan and hezequias, my teammates in the French Community 🙂

  3. Hi Ed, that's great news.

    Congratulations to all.

    Gokan long helps the community wiki Turkey, France and others. This MVP award for him is a result of your excellent work in these communities and the fruit of their efforts, I can only wish success in your life my friend.

    Regarding the success of the French community, know that this work is carried out jointly by a large team wikininjas as Bernoit, Gokan, Bruno, Yagmott555 and others that are not listed are much more important. To all of them my congratulations.

    I am very grateful to Ed Price for this opportunity to now be able to write for the blog wikininjas. Thanks Ed. I hope to help contribute to the success of the community wikininjas.

  4. Congratulations Gokan for MVP award !!!!!

    Hezequias congrats for becoming blog author(also for french community success) 🙂

  5. I added more links on this blog post.

  6. Gokan, congratulations on being named an MVP !!

  7. 2 new MVPs to join the ranks of Wiki Ninjas who became MVPs… Yagmoth and Benoit!

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