Interview with a Wiki Ninja: Susan Bradley, MVP – SBS

Welcome to our Monday Interview with a Wiki Ninja! 

Today the interview will be with Susan Bradley. Susan is a MVP (Windows Server for Small and Medium Business) and a wiki contributor! 

Susan’s MVP Profile: 



Who are you, where are you, and what do you do? What are your  specialty technologies? 

My name is Susan Bradley, I'm located in Fresno California.  I'm a Certified Public Accountant and the Network admin for my firm.  I also assist in litigation consulting and technology with my firm.

I specialize in small business technologies, which is just about everything that is done in Enterprise but with less servers.  

What are your big projects right now?

Right now I'm working with Amy Babinchak on the SMB kitchen project.  It's a year long multi media learning project that is focusing on the tools (HyperV), the knowledge  and resources that we will need in the SMB space going forward.

Besides your work on TechNet Wiki, where do you contribute? 

I blog at as well as the moderator at the  listserve which focuses on patching issues for primarily Windows platform.  I also write on patching issues for  

What is TechNet Wiki for? Who is it for? 

The TechNet Wiki is really for everyone.  One of the most added to wiki those of us in the SMB space have put together is a listing of what external hard drives work well on the Small Business Server platform -  It's been going strong for three years now where people can add those devices they've had good luck with.  That's what the wiki is all about.  I call this the "been there, done that".  You can indicate what is real and relevant and what has worked for you and share it with others.

What do you do with TechNet Wiki, and how does that fit into the rest of your job? 

My day job is enhanced by others sharing their information with me.  The wiki is like that.  We can all post what we know and all learn from each other.

What is it about TechNet Wiki that interests you?

What interests me about the wiki is how it can be a common place for all to share with.  It's not "my" blog it's a common location that everyone can call their own.


 On what articles have you collaborated with other community members  on #TNWiki? What was that experience like? 

Sometimes it's intimidating to edit someone else's work.  But don't be intimidated.  Your personal experience with something is a vital part of the knowledge base.  Microsoft's engineers and document writers can only go so far, they can't document real world like we can.

 On what Wiki articles do you spend most of your time?

I've probably spent most time on the "Build documents" a series of wiki articles on common tweaks for SMB servers.

 What are your favorite Wiki articles you’ve contributed?

 What are your top 5 favorite Wiki articles? 

Probably all the docs listed here:

 What are the top 5 Wiki articles or areas that need more attention and development? 

I need to go back and reread these documents now and ensure they are up to date.

Who has impressed you in the Wiki community, and why? 

Ed Price has been tireless in tweaking a bit here and there on my articles..

What does success look like for TechNet Wiki? 

When someone finds exactly what they need and leave a comment of "thanks!"


Do you have any comments for product groups about TechNet Wiki? 

I'd say take a page out of the Exchange team's organization - where it's nicely laid out and easy to navigate.


Thanks Susan for the Interview and the Wiki Contributions.

Keep up the good work and have a wonderful Wiki!

If you have questions for Susan, please leave a comment here...

- Santosh Bhandarkar




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  1. I liked "When someone finds exactly what they need and leave a comment of "thanks!" "

  2. The materials that Susan falls in Wiki are great. Congratulations interview.

  3. Susan – thanks for all your community work!

  4. Thanks for pointing out the Exchange Portal. I missed that.

  5. Yay, Susan! Glad to finally see you interviewed!

  6. "Have a wonderful Wiki!" – I like that one! =^)

  7. The Wiki is already wonderful ^^

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