Wiki Life: The new "Engage" section on TechNet Wiki (and the "Popular Topics" section)

Let's review the new section added to TechNet Wiki:



You can find the section here:


We added it on the right side, under the "Help & Feedback" section.


We think this is the right place to add it, but we're open to hear other opinions (leave a comment below).

The problem, obviously, is that we didn't have a good link to and from the other TechNet Wiki community engagement tools.

Should this section be in the right panel on all the TechNet Wiki article pages as well?


And what do you think of the other sections on the Home Page?

Should we trade out the Popular Topics?



Popular Topics


Here's how I'd list the popular topics/technologies on the Wiki, by tag use:

  1. Active Directory
  2. PowerShell
  3. SQL Server
  4. Hyper-V
  5. Windows 8
  6. Windows 7
  7. SharePoint
  8. System Center
  9. BizTalk

So based on this, we should replace Windows 7 with Windows 8 and add PowerShell, at least. Should we rotate some out and rotate some in?


Leave a comment with your thoughts!

   - Ninja Ed


Comments (17)

  1. Hello Ed.

    It is possible to have an option intended only to Project Server? Or it will be built along with the section of SharePoint? I think it would be interesting to facilitate the affairs of the area. Share with us your thoughts.

    Thank you.

  2. Yagmoth555 says:

    Hi Ed! Good idea for that section !  For the popular topic I would use what tag are searched the most like you did I think as it don't lie.

  3. Hezequias, well we can make the Project Server tag (I'm sure it exists), make sure all the Project Server articles have that tag (you can help with that), make sure there is a Project Server portal article (that lists all the major Project Server articles on TechNet Wiki, and divides them with different sections–you can help make that if it doesn't exist), and then make sure the Project Server Portal article and other major articles are on the Technologies Portal (you can help with that).

    Because my list of technologies to feature on the home page are based on how many articles are tagged with that technology. So if there are a lot of Project Server articles tagged with Project Server, then that would bubble up into the popular topics. Make sense? So you can do all the things above to help champion Project Server on TechNet Wiki. And then you blog about your progress here!

  4. Yagmoth,

    That sounds good. So based on that perspective, the tags should be listed like this:

    1.Active Directory


    3.SQL Server


    5.Windows 8

    That would add PowerShell and replace Windows 7 with Windows 8.

  5. Any other opinions on this topic of which technology tags to feature?

    Another idea is to feature some technology portal pages there instead. Maybe after you (Yagmoth) and others create them and fill them out, we can switch to linking to some portals instead.

    Thoughts on that?


  6. Yagmoth555 says:

    Really good idea to link some portal ! While talking about portal I wanted to share too at the same time I created a new article that can be of use; 'wiki: products portal'. It list all product another way than the technology portal 🙂

  7. The new Engage! heading is great – I like it's current placement on the home page and I also think that it should be added to to the article page template to appear on article pages. This would instantly raise more awareness about these additional social engagement opportunities. My thought justification on this is that if someone is entering the Wiki on any page other than the home page they won't see these links and I feel that they are important enough to include Wiki wide.

    As for the Popular Topics, I'd vote for a 'Top 10' popular topic list based on tag use and/or page views with these tags. Rotate the list as necessary. This would provide the opportunity for more technologies to be represented and community members could see technologies go up and down the list based on what is popular right now. I always had the feeling that SharePoint, for example, in some way isn't 'popular' based on it never being on the Popular Topics list (at least I've not seen it there). I know for a fact that SharePoint is a popular topic on the wiki 🙂

  8. Yagmoth, do you have a link to that new portal? I'd like to see how it's different from the Technologies portal. Because I originally called the Technologies Portal the "Products Portal", but then I think people preferred the Technologies name, so I changed it.


  9. Craig,

    Great topics! I'd guess that SharePoint is #7. Back in 2011, people weren't using the "SharePoint" tag enough, so it didn't pop as high on the list. So I started adding that tag to all the SP articles. Now I don't think it's an issue.

    How should a rotation work? Maybe feature five technologies and then rotate to another five each month? And should it still focus on the top technologies? Or should it try to rotate through all the major technologies? I guess it should say "Featured Topics" instead of "Popular Topics" if that's the case. Thoughts on that?

    And what do you think of switching over to portals eventually (when those are ready)? Because right now they're tags, but I think it might be better if they go to the technology's portal page where you list out all the major articles for that technology and group them by topic.

  10. Craig,

    Also, sounds good about adding the Engage section on all the pages. We want people to connect into the TNWiki community as much as possible!

  11. Ed,

    Rotation Criteria Thoughts:


    I think the popular technology rotation could potentially be comprised of multiple criteria. A label other than 'popular' could be used. The main logistical questions/issues in my mind are what defines 'popular' (or another label), what weight would be given to each criterion, and how it would all be tracked/managed.

    Some ideas and thoughts for inclusion in the rotation:

    -What is currently the most popular technology on the Wiki? This could be a top 5 or top 10 type of listing

    -What is going on generally in the Microsoft world. For example, when Windows 8 was released it would have been nice to feature that technology even if it isn't the most popular contribution wise on the wiki as a call to action to promote article creation. This could be done for all new products along with RTM dates. Maybe we create a 'Call to Action' section different from the rotation all together?

    -Rotating through all major technologies on a defined schedule could also be a good idea. This would mean that all technologies have the same chance of having a highly prominent link for all to see.

    I'll put more thought to this.

  12. Ed,

    Rotation Link/Tag Thoughts:


    As you point out, the links are links to tag pages. This is good from the perspective that it points users to newly created/edited articles. The downside to this is the presented list (i.e. tag results) is not a structured mechanism through which users are directly introduced to the best of what is available for a technology on the wiki. For me, what needs to be address is the perception of relevance when users click on a popular technology link. I think this use experience could be enhanced in one of two ways:

    1) Link to Portal pages (when available). These pages generally contain a wealth of information. A link to 'Articles tagged with x' could be added near the top of the portal for those who wish to browse articles. In each section of a portal page we could also have links to 'Articles tagged with sub-category x' for further access to browsing by tag.

    2) Add a new feature could be added to tag pages where a promoted link (or links) would always be the first result(s). This promoted link would be a portal page or other page deemed worthy of being prominently displayed based on the tag being filtered. It would be great if this could include the ability to associate a promoted link with multiple tags. For example, any one of "SharePoint", "SharePoint 2013", "SharePoint Foundation 2013" would present the "SharePoint 2013 Portal" and the "SharePoint 2013 Best Practices" pages as promoted links. It could work similar to promoted links being associated with keywords in a search engine. The key is that a promoted link would always be a Wiki portal article or other article of high value like a best practices page.

    Idea 1 would likely be much easier to implement from a technical perspective, however I do see a lot of value to idea number 2. I'll add number 2 to the feature request page and see where it goes.

    If anyone else has any thoughts on these topics, I'd be grateful for additional perspectives.



  13. Yagmoth555 says:

    Ed, There is the link;…/ 🙂

    I edit the technology portal too, but I felt we were missing a small something. Thats why I created the other. As like ADDS, IPv6, Hyper-V & Remote Desktop Service from the technology portal, it's all a technology, but it's part of a product. (and multiple version of the product).

    I think both portal got it's goal !  Why ? For the user experience. As when you search something, in my opinion, an user might think to search by the product while other will go by the technology directly.

    It's my idea, but maybe I'am wrong, let me know your idea :o)


  14. Ed,

    Is there any data collected on searching behavior vs. browsing behavior for the Wiki? I'd really be interested to see it if it exists…

  15. Craig, unfortunately no. =^(

    Some folks can pull some data like sources that send you to the article.

  16. Yagmoth, I think this is right. It's good to have portals for each technology!

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