Monday Interview: Walter Teixeira

Hello everyone, and welcome to Monday Interview. This week is my pleasure to present the Walter Teixeira , a new contributor to TechNet Wiki.

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One of Walter's articles:

Utilizando o Cmtrace.exe para visualizar logs do SCCM2012 R2


Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Walter Lopes Teixeira Neto, 34 years old, married father of a little girl named Sofia 6 months. I have 16 years’ experience in the IT field , I have worked in large companies such as Bank Sudameris , Unibanco , Rhodia , Arno , IBM , American Express , Electrolux and the consulting Hepta ( Microsoft Partner ) .

What are the technologies that you are an expert?

I specialize in various Microsoft products, Windows 7, Hyper - V Server 2003 MCSA on Windows Server 2008R2 and 2012 and possess certification in ITIL. I am also completing another degree in IT Management.

Besides your work on the TechNet Wiki, where else do you contribute?

I lived most of my life in São Paulo and my big goal is to form a technical community in Brasilia more active. I am recruiting friends to accomplish some things, but everything is in its infancy. Last year could bring IT CAMP (with Vinícius Apolinario) to conduct an event on Windows Server 2012.
While this dream taking shape I follow the TechNet contributing just over one year, discussion forums, and galleries in the Wiki and on my blog (

What do you like most on TechNet Wiki?

Having a space to share ideas, present solutions and acquire knowledge, in itself justifies my satisfaction as TechNet Wiki. The Wiki provides a democratic space that allows professionals from different levels and technologies commonplace.

What are your big projects are you currently working on?

 I am responsible for project implementation of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012. The major goal is to virtualize Hyper - V 3.0 in most of the physical servers, integrating the SCVMM management environment VMWARE as well as Storages, mesh network and provide a solution for the client private cloud.
Another job I did that deserves mention was the migration of the customer domain to Windows Server 2012.

Who impressed on the TechNet Wiki community, and why?

 I love the items Marcelo Sinsic . Their approaches mostly about System Center has greatly contributed to my decision-making technique. I also admire the work of others Professor Rogério Molina .

What are your five favorite articles on TechNet Wiki?

Difficult to score, but the articles about Hyper - V, System Center and Windows Server 2012 are my favorite. There is a feature article from Marcelo Sinsic I can use as a reference to illustrate my predilections TechNet wiki.

What are your recommendations to the community that Microsoft has not contributed to the TechNet Wiki?

They stop wasting time and help (laughs). I know it may seem radical, but as I had put in another question, is a space that puts all professionals in a common place. It is a chance to contribute and be recognized for their services. It is comforting to know that somehow their work is adding to the professional growth of others.

How the community can contribute to the Microsoft TechNet Wiki?

I think nothing replaces practical experience in the use of Microsoft products and solutions.
This experience becomes experience and this experience should not die with us. Divide the situations everyday with our technical community is a great pleasure, for the same channel are teachers and students of each other. Worth believing that a few times with prints screen can change the fate of a colleague in search of knowledge.

Thank you Walter for the interview.

In addition, thanks for your contributions.

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
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  1. Naomi N says:

    I like the last question's answer the most

  2. Pete Laker says:

    Well done fella! Nice to meet you.

  3. Grande Waltão. Parabéns meu amigo.

  4. flavio says:

    Show de bola. Vi o link no seu blog meu amigo.

    Muito bacana

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