TechNet Guru – The August Contributors

Let's see how many articles we had completed in August... (and I'll do the play by play about the awesome contributors)



We had a record-breaking 25 articles from the BizTalk community. That included 16 articles from Maheshkumar (another record), 7 articles from Steef-Jan, and one each from Tord and Lex. Thanks to all the contributors!

Steef-Jan is the defending champion with 2 medals... a gold and a silver from July. Lex has 1 medal, a Bronze from July. Tord and Maheshkumar are looking for their first medals! Good luck to all!

Forefront Identity Manager

Just one article from the FIM community this month. Thanks to Ike for the contribution!

Ike has two medals... a gold and silver from July.

SharePoint 2010 / 2013

The SharePoint community brought us 8 articles for August, including 3 articles from Rahul, 2 from Matthew, and one each from Mohammad, Daniel, and Aurelien!

Matthew is the reigning champion, with an impressive 3 gold medals! Rahul has one medal... a bronze from July!


Small Basic

Thanks to Nonki for the one article! It's a great article, but we've got to help light a fire to encourage the Small Basic community to contribute more!

Nonki has 3 medals... 2 gold and 1 bronze!

SQL Server Database Engine

Same thing for SSDE. Thanks to Uwe for this contribution!

Uwe has one medal, a silver from July!

SQL Server Reporting Services, Power View & SQL Server Integration Services

* Although these articles were written in July, they were not added to the July competition in time, and so the articles will compete in August.

The SSRS and SSIS communities had 9 articles in August, thanks to 8 from Sathya and one from Rajkumar! Thanks to both of you for these great contributions.

Sathya has 1 gold medal (the reigning champ).


* Although this article was written in July, it was not added to the July competition in time, and so the article will compete in August.

For T-SQL, we had 11 articles, with 3 from Sathya, 2 each from Sugumar, Naomi, and Saeid, and then 1 each from Surendra and Shanky. Thanks to all the contributors.

Naomi has an astonishing 7 medals, including 4 gold medals (she tied for gold with herself in May), 2 silvers, and 1 bronze. Shanky won a silver in July for the SSRS/SSIS category!

Visual Basic

There were 5 articles for VB in August, including 3 articles from Paul Ishak, and 1 each from Reed and .paul. Great job!

Reed is the reigning champ with 3 gold medals! Paul Ishak has 4 medals... 3 silver and 1 bronze!

Visual C#

* Although this article was written in July, it was not added to the July competition in time, and so the article will compete in August.

C# includes 12 articles... 4 from Juliya, 3 from Paul Ishak (his second category), 2 from Chilberto, and 1 each from Mohammad (his second category), Isham, and Deeptendra! Thank you to the C# community!

Jaliya ran the table in this category in July with 3 medals (gold, silver, bronze) and another 2 (silver, bronze) in the Windows Store Apps category!

Windows Phone

Just one contribution from Chilberto (his second category).

Windows Store Apps

Also one from Sachin!

Sachin has 4 medals... 1 gold from C# in May, and 1 gold, silver, and bronze from Win Store Apps in June!


And finally we have 4 articles from the WPF community! 1 each from Himanshu, Magnus, XAML Guy, and Guarav!

Gurav has 1 gold from June and 1 bronze from July. Magnus has 1 gold from July and 1 bronze from June. XAML Guy has 2 silvers. These three are at it again for the third month in a row!


Thanks again to these 32 contributors who provided us with 78 great articles!

Please join me in thanking the Microsoft communities for these contributions!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (5)

  1. Overall, Naomi has the most medals with 7 medals!

  2. Pete Laker says:

    It was indeed a humungous month, especially for BizTalk

    Let's hope September is just as strong

  3. Pete Laker says:

    And stronger in the other categories.

  4. Pete Laker says:

    If anyone can add a blog about the competition, we would be very grateful

    Let us know and we'll highlight it in the Ninja blogs

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