Wiki Life: Growing the TechNet Wiki

 Hello Guys, Today I will talk about eight tips on how to further grow the TechNet Wiki.


1 - Share articles that are on TechNet Wiki with your followers on Twitter and Facebook; it is so important to connect with each other.

2 - We always need all the community members to talk to each other, so it opens the way to build a sustainable community.

3 - Focus on building good articles, and evangelize TechNet Wiki anywhere in the world.

4 - You should always be trying new things, to improve the growth of the Community.

5 - Put numbers behind what you are doing; create your goals on TechNet Wiki.

6 - Always use your best efforts to get the article and try to do more with it, to make sure the item is well seen.

7 - A vibrant community helps you attract new users, keep current users engaged, and provide valuable feedback to help improve the TechNet Wiki.

8 - We are on track, always growing and improving every day our Community Wiki.

This is our community, so we are the Wiki Ninjas.

A hug, until next time.

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
Moderador no Microsoft Answers e TechNet Forums e Membro do TechNet Wiki Community Council
Visite o meu blog:
Me siga no twitter: @luizlima

Comments (2)

  1. Awesome! You can also translate this into Portuguese and post it on the Wiki Ninjas BR blog!

    Thanks, Luiz!

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