TechNet Wiki – We now have 5,000 contributors!

There are 5,027 people contributing on TechNet Wiki! Here is the breakdown on the different languages...


English / Main Wiki (includes English and all the languages that don't have a dedicated Wiki instance yet)

4,740 users have contributed 13,442 pages, 92,351 revisions, and 49,405 comments.


Brazilian Wiki

206 users have contributed 1.357 pages, 5.698 revisions, and 3.703 comments


Russian Wiki

52 users have contributed 139 pages, 846 revisions, and 369 comments.


Chinese Wiki

29 users have contributed 50 pages, 163 revisions, and 58 comments.


Thanks to everyone for rocking TechNet Wiki!

  - Ninjja Ed

Comments (9)

  1. That's fantastic! There's great articles being produced, with some really valuable content!

  2. Pete Laker says:

    The unstoppable force of TechNet wiki!

  3. This is awesome! How long until the Wiki has 10k contributors?

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