TechNet Wiki – The Council Strikes Back

The TechNet Wiki Community Council is in motion and marching forward!

This is part of a series:

  1. Enter the Council
  2. A New Hope
  3. Council Strikes Back (this blog post)
  4. Return of the Council 


We especially want to welcome one new member (since "A New Hope"):

  • Craig Lussier


Here are all our members....

Microsoft Employees (5)

  1. Ed Price - Profile
  2. Peter Geelen - Profile
  3. Bruno Lewin - Profile
  4. Markus Vilcinskas - Profile
  5. Brent Groom - Profile


External (8)

  1. Peter Laker (aka XAMLguy) - Profile
  2. Margriet Bruggeman - Profile
  3. Richard Mueller - Profile
  4. Philippe Levesque - Profile
  5. Tord Nordahl - Profile
  6. Zoltán Horvath - Profile
  7. Naomi N - Profile
  8. Craig Lussier - Profile




And what are we doing? We're working on the TechNet Wiki Community Council Areas of Focus.

The basic idea is that we're pushing forward and making progress in a lot of areas. 

We've shifted a few people to different Areas of Focus...


  1. Guidelines & Best Practices
    • We're currently tag-teaming this area
  2. Portal Growth - Yagmoth (& Richard Mueller)
    • Focus: The Adoption and Evangelism of Wiki Portals.
    • Richard is planning on how to get more portals made for each technology
  3. Cross-Linking Expansion - Richard Mueller (& Naomi N, Peter Laker)
    • Richard and Naomi are planning
    • Naomi is encouraging people to add See Also sections themselves
    • Peter is exploring automation possibilities
  4. Feature Requests & Bugs - Ed Price (& Richard Mueller) 
  5. Spam, Plagiarism, & Article Deletion - Peter Geelen (& Naomi)
    • We're at a good place with this right now, building a strong framework
  6. TechNet Wiki Featured Articles - Ed Price (& Yagmoth)
    • Ed created this framework: TechNet Wiki: Featured Article Teams 
    • Ed has been featuring the TechNet Guru gold medal winners on the English Wiki
    • Next: New rounds on Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese
  7. TechNet Guru (Leveraging Forums) - Peter Laker (& Ed Price, Naomi N)
    • We're going strong with more judges, and we successfully finished our third month!
    • Naomi has been evangelizing the contest and checking for plagiarized content
    • Ed has been featuring the winners
    • Peter hosts the judging and publishes the contest and the results on the blog, Wiki, and in each forum
  8. Wiki Ninjas Blog Planning - Peter Laker (& Ed Price)
    • Peter Laker started taking over the blog author scheduling from Ed
    • Peter is planning more possibilities
  9. TechNet Wiki Discussion Forum Community Growth - Tord
  10. General Community Projects and Social Initiatives - Zoltan
    • Zoltan is currently planning the possibilities.
  11. TechNet Wiki International Council - Bruno Lewin (& Ed Price, Yagmoth)
    • We created an article about the steps to getting your language established as a Wiki instance: Wiki: How to Get a New Language Started or Expanded on TechNet Wiki
    • We invited the initial members to join the council. private Forum in place
    • We created an article that explains the council and lists the members: TechNet Wiki International Council
    • We have a French Forum to test effectiveness of language specific Wiki Forums. Bruno/Yagmoth need to figure roll out plan
    • Next step: kick-off, establish communication channels, get input on what areas members want to work on
  12. TechNet Wiki Advisory Board - Ed Price (& Monica Rush) 
    • Resurrect and grow the board: TechNet Wiki Advisory Board
    • This was re-launched. We added some communication processes
    • Next step: Finish onboarding with communication tools
  13. Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings - Ed Price (& Margriet Bruggeman)
    • Lots of work to do to add new belt holders, to update current belt holders, and to reward them some more
  14. Collaborating with Microsoft Field Representatives - Brent Groom
    • To leverage their content and customer interactions on TechNet Wiki.
    • First Brent is working to get TechNet Wiki involved in the Field Representatives' existing community initiatives
  15. Leveraging User Groups - Craig Lussier (& Zoltan)
    • To leverage user groups as pockets of communities (focused on individual products) who can work together on TechNet Wiki content creation and evangelism
    • Craig is currently working on building out some micro-tasks to get this going
    • Zoltan has some ideas and will help make progress


A lot of amazing things are going on, and I'm super excited to see all this progress! Let us know if you want to help with the council members with any of these individual efforts (or if you have any questions)!


   - Ninja Ed

Comments (4)
  1. Naomi N says:

    Looks like August Guru competition really kicked in. Many categories (especially BizTalk) have so many good entries (and today I invited one more in the comments, not sure he saw it) that it would be tough to find judges or even select a winner.

    For Cross Linking right now I am inviting authors to add See Also section themselves. I also use For Review new tag to see if the authors followed up with my comment and improved the article

  2. Thanks for helping evangelize TechNet Guru! That's great!

    I'll add those things into the areas above. Thank you!

  3. Ed – thanks for the mention! I look forward to working with the council and user groups to evangelize the awesomeness that is the TechNet Wiki 🙂

  4. Durval Ramos says:

    The item 1 "Guidelines & Best Practices" is fundamental to all languages​​, in order to maintain a standard of article and, especially the search information, whether by tags or links to other articles / blogs post.

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