Announcing the Wiki Ninjas Brasil Blog!

This week, the Wiki Ninjas Brasil blog launched here:


It's basically the Portuguese version of this blog. You'll probably see that eventually we'd love to head in that direction with each language. We have a loose roadmap of building language-oriented communities, creating a forum for them to rally around, building out content, eventually getting a TechNet Wiki instance built for that language, and then also a blog site to further lead the community. But it's a lot of work, and it takes time and collaboration. Bruno is leading the new TechNet Wiki International Council to help the leadership for each language come together and make it possible.

We hope to get the Portuguese community to rally around the new blog.

If you speak Portuguese (or even if you don't), please go and help encourage Fernando and the other authors as they get their first blogs posted.

Here is Fernando's first blog post on the new blog:

Artigo Spotlight: SharePoint


You can find the latest list of authors on TechNet Wiki here:

Blog Wiki Ninjas Brasil: Os Autores


Here's the current list (but I'm sure it will change as people leave and join, much like the roster of authors on the English blog has changed):

  1. Luciano Lima - MVP
  2. Jorge Barata - MVP
  3. Luiz Henrique Lima Campos - MVP
  4. Fernando Lugão Veltem - MVP
  5. Marcelo Sincic - MVP
  6. Daniel Donda - MVP
  7. Fabrício Sanchez - MVP
  8. Rover Marinho - MVP


And finally here is their schedule: Agenda de Publicações no Blog Wiki Ninjas Brasil


Please join me in welcoming the Portuguese community to their new blog!


If you're in the Portuguese community, please tweet about the new blog, Facebook it, and help us get the community to rally around it!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (7)

  1. That's an impressive roster of bloggers. I'm confident it will be a success.

  2. By the way, was one of you on our team for a trivia contest last February at the MVP summit? We won because one of team, maybe from Brazil, knew the answer to a soccer question. You'll remember if you were on the team because the prize was a Bill Gates signed copy of Vista (I'm sure someone was cleaning out a closet).

  3. Thank you Ed and Fernando.

  4. Yes, we'll get it going and find the right rhythm!

    Thanks everyone!

  5. I'm jealous! I want the same ^^

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hoje é Quinta-Feira, dia do nosso Conselho Spotlight . A Comunidade Brasileira gerou impacto significativo

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