TNWiki Article Spotlight – BizTalk Administrator Interview Questions and Answers (50 Q&A)

One of the most important aspects of BizTalk Server is operations. Design, installing and configuring can take sometime. Development consumes even more time, but 80% of the BizTalk environment and solutions life cycle concerns operations and BizTalk administrators are responsible for it. They will perform numerous daily tasks like deployment of applications, backups, health checks, monitoring and so on.

BizTalk administrators have an important role when it comes to keeping BizTalk environment healthy. Knowledge of BizTalk and operations is key to be proficient as an administrator. In case you wondering what a BizTalk administrator deals with from day to day and what he/she should know then the BizTalk Administrator Interview Questions and Answers (50 Q&A) article can give you a good picture.

This article has been written by Tord G. Nordahl. He is well respected member in the BizTalk community, an expert in the field of BizTalk Administration and a Microsoft Integration MVP. He has assembled the questions in the article based on his year long experience in the field. For some of us it was a nice challenge to answer some these questions.

The Q&A is intended to challenge people to answer the questions and assess if they have enough knowledge under the belt about BizTalk administration or are ready for interview. It is not an exhaustive list of questions yet it covers various aspects of BizTalk administration. Any BizTalk administrator should be able to answer these questions!

So go check out all the wonder, and dive in! The Wiki's warm.

- Ninja Steef-Jan (Blog, Wiki, Twitter, Profile)

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  1. This is fantastic! Thank you Steef-Jan for keeping us informed of what the BizTalk MVPs are doing! And thanks to Tord for helping contribute content like this.

  2. The questions did touched almost all part from administration perspective..

  3. Thanks for putting my article in the spotlight Steef-Jan! And Thanks to all of you helping to update and adding some extra questions, I decided to limit it to 50 Q&As. Again thanks all of you!

  4. Tarun Kumar Garg says:

    This is really nice compilation. Thanks for shairing.

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