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Welcome to Thursday Council Spotlight, where we update you on what the Community Council is up to. Sometimes, that includes spawning other groups and councils. In this case, Bruno (with Yagmoth and myself supporting), has been leading our efforts to build the TechNet Wiki International Council!

Thanks to Bruno Lewin for leading this effort!

I'll start with a snapshot-in-time of the new article, TechNet Wiki International Council.



Just like the TechNet Wiki Community Council, the TechNet Wiki International Council is a small group of active members from the Community. The International Council should function in a similar way but is specifically focused on supporting languages other than English on the Wiki. It brings together representatives of different language Communities to experiment, learn, formalize, share and broadly apply whatever makes non-English Community successful. The initial goal is to develop healthy communities in languages that already have significant contributions and take them to the next level.


2013 current members include

  1. French – Philippe Levesque (Yagmoth555), Bruno Lewin
  2. German – Jan Hentschel (Horizon Net
  3. IndonesianAris Lesmana
  4. ItalianLuigi Bruno
  5. JapaneseTomoaki Yoshizawa
  6. Persian/Farsi – Patris Soltanpour (Patris_70)
  7. Portuguese/Wiki  – Luciano Lima, Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
  8. Russian/Wiki  – Denis Dyagilev, Dmitri Plotnikov (Dplotnikov)
  9. Spanish – Leonardo Ponti (LeoPonti)
  10. TurkishGokan Ozcifci, Serhad Makbuloglu

Secretary: Bruno Lewin 

How Members Are Selected

The initial members were invited based on their contribution in languages other than English.




Now my commentary! Thanks to Bruno and each of these community Wiki Ninjas for helping us out! This council will communicate, work together, find out best practices on things like building their communities around their language, or building consistencies on various things. For example, we have the MTFC award for French, TechNet Guru for English, and TechNet Wiki Day for Portuguese. Should there be awards for the other languages? What consistencies should exist?

The council members will also turn around and lead their own groups, per language, to get a good group of leadership representing each language. So they report that progress of their language's community back to the International Council. The result is a multi-tier system of accountability and support! And then things like feature requests or other topics get bubbled up into the Community Council (because it's working on those areas), since Bruno, Yagmoth, and LeoPonti are all involved in that one as well. This is has been a long time coming, and we're still taking baby steps (aren't running yet; we need to build more communication systems for the International Council, discuss meeting rhythms, etc.). But this is an important step in the process!

And I've got one other "secret" to reveal that fits in this topic... we're about to launch a TechNet Wiki Brasil blog! The community and content set are getting very large, and it can definitely be supported by its own blog, much like this blog supports the English Wiki. It also points to the International activity (like this article), and we hope that the Brazil blog will do the same! Thanks to the Portuguese community for being so proactive!


Leave any questions below! And of course, we'll try to get the International team members to blog on this in the future as well, to give you their experiences and perspectives.


   - Ninja Ed

Comments (4)

  1. Thanks Bruno for leading this and of course I see very impressive names in that list! It will rock for sure!

  2. Gokan, agreed! So many international team members are coming together! And they all agreed to help represent their languages! It's incredibly humbling to have so many great contributors involved!

  3. UPDATE: I just added Aris and Luciano! So we're at 100% of everyone we invited! Wow! That's really amazing!

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