TNWiki Article Spotlight – Directory Services

Hello everyone!
This is my first article for Wiki Ninjas, and the truth is that I wanted to leave a few comments focused on a technology for several reasons.

First, because Directory Services is one of the technologies with greater focus and dependence for people who work as an IT Pro (platforms).
Second, it is a platform that is not only strong, but also it is giving us many benefits and enhancements for administrators in the latest versions of Windows Server.
Third, it is the technology that I have specialized in for years and where looking for administrators is growing to a new version that will be on the market.

That is why my first post in this blog is related to Directory Services, naming some TNWiki items where I personally like how they were developed. These articles make it easier to use infrastructure tools and the best practice recommendations are helpful for the design, implementation, and operation of the directory service.

There are interesting tools, such as Repadmin, DCdiag, nerdom, adsiedit, ldp, among others...

The articles are:

There are several articles. All are very good, but here I wanted to detail the three most relevant to me and that I recommend reading, as well as to add more content to these articles as it become necessary.

Soon, I began to publish more articles of interest on this infrastructure topic, but in Spanish! =)

Shortly after I started writing those articles, several MVPs of different technologies started working on adding content in Spanish for TechNet Wiki! THANK YOU ALL!

Thanks to Kurt, Ed and Richard for these excellent articles and those involved in TechNet Wiki who are increasing the content day after day!


Best regards!

Saludos :=)


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  1. Awesome! Great first post, Leo! I made a quick grammar pass on this post.

    I went to that overview article. And I was like, did I write all this??? Then I went to my original post……/1.aspx

    Okay. That's more like it! We slowly massaged it over time, and it became a group effort. That's the beauty of TechNet Wiki… we collaborate and build it out together.

  2. LeoPonti says:

    Thanks Ed!

    Your comment is very real and is the "magic" of TechNet Wiki… seeing an article that one genre for some time and wonder note the evolution of the same through all those involved! :=)

  3. Great work Leo. Your Spanish language articles look very informative.

  4. Welcome LeoPonti! Nice to see you in our group!

  5. Anonymous says:

    You can find the list of authors here:
    Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors

    Anyone can join us

  6. Anonymous says:

    This blog is a follow up to our last list of Wiki Ninja Blog Authors: Council Spotlight: Who are the

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