Part II: A true story about a Wiki Ninja and a little girl…

Hello and welcome to (y)our Sunday Lists!

Everybody knows how difficult it's to watch a little sister when there is no school. She wants attention, she wants food, she wants to play and many more. And yes she asks a lot of questions because she wants to learn.

Like a few monts ago she asked me a few questions and I tried to reply but again failed epically so she thinks I’m a little bit geek or crazy.

Here is my list of the top 3 conversation that I tried to have when she asked the fundamental question and my responds to my little sister only 7 years:



Little sister: I see everywhere the word GURU, what does it mean?

Answer Given: Guru is a Sanskrit term for "teacher" or "master", especially in Indian religions. The Hindu guru-shishya tradition is the oral tradition or religious doctrine or experiential wisdom transmitted from teacher to student. In the United States, the meaning of "guru" has been used to cover anyone who acquires followers, especially by exploiting their naiveté, due to the inflationary use of the term in new religious movements.

Real Answer should: A GURU is somebody like “Gandalf”. He knows a lot.  

Conclusion: She is now scared and she broke my “Lord of the Rings” ^^



Little sister: Are “Yottun08” or “Horizon_Net” real names?

Answer Given: No sister, these are surnames. A surname is a name added to a given name and is part of a personal name. In many cases, a surname is a family name. Many dictionaries define "surname" as a synonym of "family name".

Real Answer should: Yes, this are their real names..

Conclusion: She now thinks that Tomoaki Yoshizawa is Yottun8 and Jan’s name is Horizon_Net and wants also a new “cool” name like “Azra_net08 – MSFT” ^^



Little sister: Are the WikiNinjas something like the Turtle Ninjas? Who is then Splinter (the bad guy?)

Answer Given: Euh we don’t have a bad guy sister in our team and the Turtle Ninjas are created in an American comic book published by Mirage Studios in 1984 in Dover, New Hampshire. The concept arose from a humorous drawing sketched out by Kevin Eastman during a casual evening of brainstorming with his friend Peter Laird.

Real Answer should:  Yes we are the same and we have a bad guy -> Ed Price

Conclusion: She thinks that Ed Price is the bad guy of the Wiki Ninjas ^^


Big hugs go to the TechNet Wiki community, keep up the contribution, have a great Sunday and don’t forget to tweet #TNWIKI and follow us @WikiNinjas!

SharePoint Ninja & and SharePoint Pirate,

Gokan Ozcifci

Comments (12)

  1. Kids always have the best questions. But some day your little sister will meet Ed Price. Will she be disappointed?

  2. Wow, in 8 months I went from Santa to Shredder! Does that mean someone's going to put my face on Shredder now? =^)

    I have to say, I'm a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles, watched every episode of the original cartoon, all the movies (including the CG one), and owned way too many of their action figures (including the original set).

    Thanks, Gokan!

  3. Richard, yes she will be disappointed! Unless she sees my playing with my 7 year old daughter. Then she'd join in. =^)

  4. Excellent !

    Je ressortirais cet article quand mon fiston sera en mesure de causer 🙂

  5. Wow! I'm glad to have that she knows my name.

    Thanks Gokan, and Thanks "Azra_net08 – MSFT" 😉

  6. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Congratulations Gokan. Very good job.

  7. She won't be disappointed unless she plays with the daughter of Ed!

    Actually we want to meet Magriet Bruggeman, cause she wrote a book for kids and for her Magriet is a HERO 🙂

  8. Ha! Gokan, that's true! She should read Margriet's Moon Bear book! What language was it in again?


  9. I guess in Dutch Ed .. We have to speak 2 languages here in Brussels.. French and Dutch .. 🙂

    She is learning Dutch now at school..

  10. Beautiful questions and interesting answers ^)

  11. Alessandra. 08/11/2014 says:

    What beautiful language you have? I amazing to understand all words!!! kisses and a big strong hug for you!

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