Wiki Life: 3 tips for writing articles on TechNet Wiki

Today my feeling and emotion is to see the TechNet Wiki is get very big, I'm very happy to see the greatness that TechNet Wiki has turned into, which is a reference to Microsoft articles. I see everyone involved in building community in helping the TechNet Wiki .

We worked for a long time, all helped, Ed, Yuri, Luciano, among many other community members ...

In addition, I gained a lot of experience with the TechNet Wiki project. I think it was also very good for everyone.

The Wiki is a valuable tool; it helps in many cases everyday.

So in this post, we'll talk about 3 Tips to improve your articles on the wiki.

1 - if you use a lot of acronyms and technical terms in the article, a Glossary is a good way to put all the terms in one centralized Wiki article.

2 - Keep an active file with notes, resources and links to media files on the Wiki or external sites; I find these very helpful.

3 - Put your solutions in a Wiki that help with problem solving your technology; it is very necessary. We need to include more articles about troubleshooting the various product scenarios.


A hug to everyone and see you next week.

Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
Moderador no Microsoft Answers e TechNet Forums e Membro do TechNet Wiki Community Council
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  1. Great blog post! Thanks, Luiz! I did a quick pass on grammar. These are excellent points. Thank you for all your Wiki contributions!

  2. Excellent points Luiz! Thanks for these points!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bugün, MVP Luiz Henrique Lima Campos ’ un blog yazısında belirttiği, daha iyi ve faydalı wiki

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