Friday with International Community Update – MTFC Award – How we are going to centralize information

Hello Community, again me today to update you on the latest news in the most prestigious Wiki (TechNet) international community from Europe (Belgium/France). You all know the Award that we launched with other Wiki Ninjas (Bruno, Philippe and Ed). The French Award to evangelize French contributors on TechNet/MSDN. You can check the article here if you never heard about the MTFC award:

The problem is that the French contributors are not familiarized with the WIKI and don’t share their knowledge here. So our intention was and is to centralize all the information on the WIKI so everybody can enjoy the French resources. You can see that a new user has been created for our award naming “TNWiki French Day GA” and last Sunday we added all the winning articles on the WIKI.

We can also be proud about our first contributor who has changed his name on TechNet.


Thanks to all the French Contributors and all made excellent work! A big hug to everyone and have a great Friday!





    - Turkish Ninja Gokan




Comments (4)

  1. This is very good. Thanks for the dissemination Gokan. Congratulations to Mathieu for the excellent work.

  2. FrencyBoy says:

    great man proud with that. Continue so!!!!

  3. It's great to see the French community working together!

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