Council Spotlight – The TechNet Wiki Advisory Board

Thanks to Monica Rush, for helping get this back up. It's officially launched, but it's a story that's still being told...


The TechNet Wiki Advisory Board is a group of MVPs from the community who are interested in driving adoption of the TechNet Wiki.


Our charter focuses on building support and participation for the TechNet Wiki by sustaining great community and great content:

  1. Evangelize: Build participation and mindshare for the TechNet Wiki.
  2. Moderate: Shepherd content (focusing on your MVP-awarded technology) through active review, moderation, and contribution.
  3. Advise: Advise Microsoft technical writers, new Microsoft contributors, and community members on best practices, tips, and guidelines.
  4. Review: Review content from Microsoft technical writers, new Microsoft contributors, and key contributors.



Newly affirmed members for 2013:


What's Next?

  1. Grow the team: Although we have a solid team of MVPs, we have room to grow, adding more to the teams so that they can collaborate together and focus on specific types of content. For example, we have 200+ MVPs in SQL Server, so we can some people focus on BI content, others on Azure Data Platform, Database Engine, etc.
  2. Communication tools: We want to grow the communication tools in order to make it very easy for the team to collaborate.
  3. Build the communication rhythm: Finally, we'll want to build a rhythm (that currently doesn't exist) so that there's a culture of communication across the Advisory Board team and to the various Microsoft FTE (like Technical Writers who need their insights).


You can read more about it here:

TechNet Wiki Advisory Board



Any questions?

Know any MVPs we can recruit? =^)


Wiki While You Work!!!

   - Ninja Ed

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