June Analysis Services Guru – Yogish Bhat brings us "Aggregations in SSAS"

It's time to congratulate another June TechNet Guru winner!


Yogish Bhat is our Analysis Services TechNet Guru for June! See the TechNet Guru Contributions for June 2013.


Here is Yogish's winning article:

Aggregations in SSAS


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Guru Award  SQL Server Analysis Services Technical Guru - June 2013  

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Yogish Bhat Aggregations in SSAS

Peter Laker: "Excellent subject. Excellent detail. Nice formatting."
Ed Price: "Great explanations, clearly written, and good job breaking up the sections so that it's easy to read and to use the TOC."

Silver Award Winner

Yogish Bhat MOD Function in MDX Peter Laker: "Useful tip. Thanks!"
Ed Price: "Great solution!"

Thanks Yogish for jumping in there and representing Analysis Services!


Here's an excerpt from the article:


Monitoring Aggregations

Clear the SSAS database cache since the data requests can also be satisfied by the cache, to clear cache use the below code:


<ClearCache xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2003/engine"> <Object> <DatabaseID> Adventure Works</DatabaseID> </Object> </ClearCache>

Connect to the SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) ->Tools -> SQL Server Profiler.  Select the default trace option and click on Run.  Fire the MDX by opening the new query window so that aggregation can be hit by the query, Observe query processing and query events in the SQL Server Profiler, this would show data being extracted from the aggregation and the data request is satisfied within no time, in some cases aggregations may take some time where in designer might have created more aggregations. Before building the aggregations,  using the SQL Server Profiler  capture the statistics so that is can be compared later against the aggregations statistics.




Read the rest here:


Aggregations in SSAS


Thanks to Yogish Bhat for your great contribution to the TechNet Guru contest! You can read about all the June winners here: TechNet Guru Award Winners - June 2013


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