Microsoft Technical French Contributor – What are our goals?

We receive a ton of questions about "what is your goal" and "why are you doing this".. Through this blogpost I want to share with you why we are doing this:
Our goal off all, is to improve the French Community and to write more articles on the wiki. The French Community is a wonderfull community like you know! Yottun, another member of the Wiki Ninjas has a picture with the contributions on the WIKI.. Please check this this image:


The French Community and our dream is to get it on the TOP 5.. This can't be done without your help and other contributors on TechNet France with APPEL A LA CONTRIBUTION.
The "prizes" are nothing special:
  • 1 Certification ( 1 year valid ) Microsoft Technical French Contributor
  • A blog post written by our team
  • A little email sent by Bruno to "thank" them!
We are going also to post their articles on the wiki with a special account named "TNWIKIFrenchDay" so we will have a central point of collaboration ( WIKI ) and so we can promote the CONTRIBUTOR and the French Community.
Yes we are also going to provide certification and mails to contributors in 2014. The prizes can change but for the moment it's okay now! 
I hope I could be clear and if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask it to me; Bruno, Ed or Phillipe!
And this is the flow:


The certification:


And here the announcement of the beginning of the MTFC: 
We need your help - Wiki !! 
Comments (13)

  1. And I sign it!

    I love the flow chart and that Florin from the forums is helping out. This is great!

    It's also great to have a goal like this! When Yuri started out, he had the goal of getting 1,000 Portuguese articles up, and the community leaders helped him achieve that goal rather quickly (we had a similar goal for English back in 2010).

  2. Thanks Ed ! We coudn't reach this without your and Bruno's help!

  3. Mathieu Deleplanque says:

    Thank you for the MTFC award !

    And I'm in to try to reach the top 5. Great challenge !

  4. Hello Gokan, although French is not my forte. Can I help you, but do not know if the translation will be perfect. A review will help.

  5. Hello Hezequias.. Please begin and send me the article I will review eacht sentence 🙂 !!

    Thanks for your effort

  6. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Gokan Hello, I created a single article at this address covering all the articles created.…/

  7. Excellent Hezequias! great article; we should find the 110 articles and put it here .. 🙂

  8. Hezequias Vasconcelos says:

    Ok Gokan, you could also create a post here on the blog with key names and contributions of the French community. Saw excellent articles and would like to highlight the name of Jester's Bernoit. example:…/benoit%20jester

  9. I know, he is a good friend of me.. And i've invited him.. 🙂

    We already spoked with mail, and he will post about 20 articles per month.. I'm going to interview him when he will finish with his 20 articles! .. 🙂


  10. That's true, Gokan gave me some work to do 🙂

  11. So the dream of getting to the top 5 was achieved here:…/friday-with-international-community-update-progress-in-each-language-nov-2013.aspx

    But the dream I want to see fulfilled is to get to 1,000 articles! I mean, I've got 770+ articles myself. And there are 234 total articles in French (as of today)! Keep at it! =^)

  12. I isn't impossible! I'll accept the challenge !!!

  13. Ed, the challenge has been completed! =)

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