Weekend Surprise: Evolvement

Hi, and welcome to this Weekend Surprise!

There's a lot happening to the TechNet Wiki now a days and as the focus grows it's important to remember that it will not change. Like a lot of the technologies we work with the increment from the customers and competitors improving their products demands for instance Microsoft to follow up and provide better and more products.

However when it comes to the TechNet wiki the fundamentals will always stay the same, we will have the articles, capabilities to change, edit and add new articles, don't be afraid to forget a tag or spelling someone will be in shortly and update the article and fix any spelling or any other elements that may be confusing or wrong, and eventually you'll get the grip.

You may want to start up with just commenting and eventually move into editing and then writing your own article, remember as you work with it you can store it even though it's not done by adding the "stub" comment, just remember to finish of the article.

On the TechNet wiki you can add almost anything, videos, links, pictures and everything you feel will enhance your article and at the same time help out the community. Patris_70 did a blog post about how he got a job based on his contribution to the community on TechNet.

So none of the facts above is a surprise.

But then here it is, everyone at the TechNet Wiki can use this Weekend Surprise stick figure for their own sake. It's called the "Wiki Man"..

Comments (2)

  1. Ha, well Wiki Man is certainly surprised!

    Did you just make up the word, "Evolvement"? =^)

    Thanks, Tord!

  2. Well, new word or not… 🙂 I was supposed to use the word evolution until I

    Checked the dictionary for a more describing word, and found the word  "evolvement" -> http://www.thefreedictionary.com/…/dict.aspx

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