New winners announced for our MTFC Award – June 2013 !!


Today I 'am excited to share the new winners of the Microsoft Technical French Contributor Award ! We got three winners !

Actually, Philippe should post this article but here in Europe it's 10  PM and he is from Canada and local time there is 3 PM. All the winners are from Europe; so I'm going to post this but all the credits are to Philippe Levesque!



Jean-Philippe Bay ~ Celegorm – MSFT






I'm also very proud of everyone that helped to make it happen ! Thanks Gokan, Bruno, Ed and Florin! I was supposed to post an interview with Ed, but in the exchange of email Ed's answered  one question and I found that funny, as it was looking the smallest interview I ever saw !! It went that quick !!!


Gokan to me; Please do not forget to interview Ed Price like promised on the previous post .. ( Why Ed helped us to start this award program )

Ed answer right away; "That would be the shortest interview ever! “Because the French community is awesome!” =^)"


I love to see a so good and quick answer! :o)

Thanks everyone! Happy wiki'ing !!

French Ninja Phil (Wiki, Profile, Twitter)

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  1. This is a real exemple of "team work" ^^

  2. Wow, it has an interview too! =^)

    Thanks, Gokan!

  3. Yagmoth555 says:

    Thanks Gokan for the teamwork ! 🙂 and congrat to the winners !! :o)

  4. Congratulations for the excellent work.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hello Community – Bonjour communauté en Français. Welcome Wiki Ninjas. Want to talk about

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