TNWiki Article Spotlight – Software Patterns & Practices

Hello and welcome everybody to our TNWiki Article Spotlight on Tuesday.

The last days I had some headache. Why? Let me give you some background information. One of my projects I'm currently working on is based on Node.js. Node.js, JavaScript, and web development is not a new world for me, but as a developer, who mainly works with C# on the server side it is difficult to write high-quality code. This headaches remind me what is an important part for writing good code: patterns & practices.

That is the reason why I want to draw your attention to an article Abhishek.Sur has created some days ago. Software Patterns & Practices is a good starting point to become a better programmer. It will help you to get started with design patterns, enterprise architectural patterns, and software principles. What is my vision for this article? I would love to see this one become a huge collection of patterns and practices.

So, here is your task. If your familiar with patterns and/or practices, add one of them with a nice description (and perhaps an example) in the appropriate category.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)

Comments (5)

  1. These are general best practices for software development. This is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, Jan!

    Oh, and it's still Monday here, so I'll post the Monday one soon and later switch the times around so that they look like they make more sense. Thanks!

  2. Nice! We have options!  =^)

  3. Abhishek.Sur says:

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. Actually this is the first time I am trying out wiki. It seems cool. I am not sure if I am doing good in formating etc. Do let me know if there is any problem on the posts.

    Thanks 🙂

  4. Horizon_Net says:

    Haven't seen the other one for design pattern. Thanks for sharing!

    @Ed I shouldn't write posts in the night in the future 😉 I saw a blog post five hours before mine and thought it was the one for Monday and haven't thought about the big time difference between Germany and the States. Next time I'll wait until the next morning.

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