Wiki Ninjas Thursdays – What should we call it?

We had a great run with our Thursday Community Wins on the Wiki Ninjas blog.

The idea originally started out because Tony and I were emailing out stories of "Community Wins" - examples where the community comes together and does something great on TechNet Wiki. So at the time, it made a lot of sense to have the weekly topic. We would just leverage our emails and share it with the world!

But over time, the concept of worldwide content collaboration became second nature, and you could point to tons of articles and show off how they're collaborating. So we began repeating ourselves or getting slightly off topic.

It's time for a new Thursday topic! Our topic will be sharing what the TechNet Wiki Community Council is doing. Starting next week, on Thursdays, we will write about the projects that our Community Council is currently working on... The Featured Article Teams, Wiki Feature Requests and Bug Fixes, expanding Portals or Cross-Linking, the TechNet Guru contest (which connects the Forums and Wiki), the Wiki Ninja Belt Ranks, Governance and Guidelines, etc. For a full list of topics, see TechNet Wiki Community Council: Areas of Focus.

So either someone who is on the council will post on what they're doing, or one of our authors will take a more journalistic approach, documenting the progress that they observe... or an opinion style post where they brainstorm on what they think is possible.

...Which brings us to today's topic!

What should we call the new Thursday blog posts?

Here are your options (vote in the comments, two votes per person):

  1. Council Update
  2. Council Session
  3. Enter the Council
  4. Council Progress
  5. Council Spotlight
  6. Community Council
  7. Council Corner
  8. Council Out
  9. Other (leave a comment, and I'll add it here)


So there you go! Not a lot of creativity from me today, which is why we have the "Other" option!

Leave a comment to vote! You get two votes per person. You can change your vote if someone suggests a new name that you like better. Votes close next week, with the unveiling of the first new blog post in the category!


Wiki Wiki WHAAAT???

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (12)

  1. Well if no one cares, I think I'm growing partial to "Council Session". =^)

  2. So I'll use one of my two votes on Counsel Session. Here's the current tally…

    Counsel Session – 1

  3. I like Council Spotlight. I'll think about this before my second vote.

  4. Okay, we have…

    Council Session – 1

    Council Spotlight – 1

  5. I added #6, "Community Council".

  6. I agree with Richard! The "Council Spotlight" seems a better name for this! Because Session is to specific but a spotlight can be everything!

  7. Gokan, good feedback!

    "Council Session" is actually a pun on the term "Counsel Session" or "Counseling Session", and so that's the reason. At least it's a little clever. But what use is wit, if no one gets it or if everyone is confused by it? =^)

    Tally ho…

    Council Session – 1

    Council Spotlight – 2

  8. Hey what about Council Corner? At least it has some alliteration. I added that as #7. I'm not sure if I like it though. What's "corner-like" about a Thursday blog post?

  9. I thought of another pun: "Council Out"

    I'm adding it as #8! So punny!

  10. Alright, Council Spotlight wins!

  11. Woehoeee 🙂 !! That's a good news ..

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