Community Win: New Forum Design

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

As some of you have already noticed, we have a new design on the TechNet and MSDN forums. I'm a big fan of the Modern UI look since its inception in the software development world with the release of Windows Phone 7. After this design has been adopted by other firms in the market it has now been transferred to our forums. As it is with every new things there's a lot of discussion on it. On some problems I had with the new design and its functionality I chatted with Brian Harris and Doug Laundry directly, but it would be better to have a central place where you can see what problems others had, point out your problem, and let the Microsoft guys see what the community is thinking. And here comes the cool thing ...

... our wiki would not be our wiki if there's no article about it. Yesterday Naomi created a wiki article for the suggestions from the community, their impressions and their ideas.

Now it's your part! Share your thoughts, impressions, and ideas ... to make the forums a better place.

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)

Comments (3)

  1. The Wiki article has an excellent collection of quirks and suggestions. The Directory Services group has also collection comments and is incorporating their input into the Wiki.

  2. Thanks Jan! It's great to have one place to add all the suggestions. And thanks to Naomi for helping consolidate it all!

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