Which article should we feature on the home page of TechNet Wiki? Visual C#, Windows Phone Development, Transact-SQL, or SharePoint 2010?

UPDATE: We have a winner! SharePoint 2010: Adding Charts to Standard Webparts and Visual Webparts - by Matthew. This article was featured on the home page of TechNet Wiki: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/wiki/


Today, you get to help us decide which May TechNet Guru we should feature next on the home page of TechNet Wiki! See all the winners here: TechNet Guru Awards - May 2013

We've done this in the past (had you pick the featured article), and we're at it again this week!

On the home page of TechNet Wiki, we feature four articles:



Simply reply with a comment and let me know which article you want featured. Everybody gets one vote.

Your deadline is 2PM PST, Friday, 6/21/13.


Here are your five candidates to choose from:

SharePoint 2010: Adding Charts to Standard Webparts and Visual Webparts - by Matthew

T-SQL: Dynamic Pivot on Multiple Columns - by Naomi

SQL Server PIVOT - by Naomi

C#: Spell Checking WinRT Component (C#, VB, HTML5/JavaScript) - by Sachin

Retreiving the Screen Resolution for Windows Phone 8 Emulator - by Isenthil


Which article do you think we should feature? Leave a comment! One vote per person.


Here's the TechNet Wiki tag of the previously featured Wiki articles. That's basically a list sorted by most recently edited. Or for lists sorted by technology or chronologically when it was featured, read the list at the bottom of the TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees article.

Do you want to nominate an article to get featured? Simply add it as a nominee in the Nominees section of the TechNet Wiki Featured Article Nominees article.


Remember to Wiki while you work (or after work).

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (15)

  1. I vote SharePoint 2010 !! 🙂

  2. 404 error for every of five articles. Is it okay?

    +1 for SharePoint 🙂

  3. Naomi N says:

    Please fix all the links first. I vote for all of these articles (but only 1 T-SQL) to be on the next featured list.

    I also enjoyed the article about Visual Basic Games Development (was it by Kimble?) This is another great article that may be featured.

    I also think we don't usually get T-SQL articles to be featured.

  4. Dplot and Naomi, I updated the links. No the blogs does this funky thing where it replaces the front of the Wiki URL with "blogs" instead of "social".

  5. Here's the tally…

    C# Spell Checker – 1

    SharePoint 2010 – 2

  6. Naomi, I already featured the VB article. I wasn't sure if you voted for an article? You can vote for one of yours (I figure you only have one vote, so that's fair).

    So we've got two more days of voting. Keep it coming! Thanks, everyone!

  7. Naomi N says:

    Well, I definitely want one of my articles featured. I don't remember seeing T-SQL articles in the first page of WiKi. Also, do I understand correctly that all winners articles will be eventually featured? If yes, it doesn't matter much when my article will be featured – now or later.

    Right now my main concern is that the forums are practically unusable. I waste my time every day now in the new forum reading complains. I want to have my normal old forum's design so I can concentrate on what I've been doing for many years.

  8. Yes, all the articles will be featured eventually. But this will determine which one is next (so far, it will be SP 2010) and which one after that (so far, it will be C#). Which article of yours did you want to be featured first? Thanks!

    You're right that we haven't featured a T-SQL article yet. We haven't broken SQL out into the different technologies yet to track that, but we should. Thanks!

  9. Naomi N says:

    Let's start from the simple PIVOT article and we can do dynamic pivot on multiple columns next. I may have more samples to add to that article.

  10. Naomi N says:

    I suggest to feature my recent article social.technet.microsoft.com/…/17941.list-unusedusedall-content-database-through-powershell.aspx as this is very hot right now and it would be very appropriate

  11. Here's the final tally…

    C# Spell Checker – 1

    SharePoint 2010 – 2

    SQL Server PIVOT – 1

    We have a winner! SharePoint 2010!

  12. I think the Forums team needs to be cut a break. They are in a mad rush to get DCRs in and to try to make the new redesign user friendly. I think it's not a bad idea, but it's better to wait and give them a chance to catch up. For now, I think it would be great to go with your earlier idea and feature the May TechNet Guru winners. So that's what I'm focusing on. Thanks for compiling the issues though. That will help the community keep track of them.

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