The Little Moon Bear

Today’s a Sunday special, which gives me the flexibility to be a little off topic. And when I say a little off topic, I actually mean completely off topic. In June 2012, Ed Price did an interview with me about my many professional accomplishments  (ahum, just kidding, you guys got that right?). You can read it over here:

In the interview, I was mentioning a side project I was doing, namely, writing a child book called “Iris and the Little Moon Bear”. It’s a Dutch book, it’s not technical in any way (although the UI was metro-style inspired), and, as TechNet isn’t targeted towards children it has no relevance here. But, since TechNet people sometimes ask me how the child book project is doing, and since I’m quite proud of the result, I thought it would be okay to announce in a Sunday special that the little book is finished.

I’ve included some screenshots so you can get a feel for the book!

Here’s the front cover:


 A little peak inside:

 For more info:


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  1. I wouldn't be surprised to see a "Little Moon Bear" account open up with a picture of the bear. What kind of TechNet Wiki articles would the Little Moon Bear write? How does the Little Moon Bear use SharePoint?


  2. I remember that interview from a year ago. Let us know if an English version of the book ever comes out. I have nieces that would be interested.

  3. Yagmoth555 says:

    Good project Margriet 🙂 Just by curiosity, did the project started with a story you wrote for a child or a niece you have ?

  4. Richard…

    For now, no plans for an English version. If your nieces ever decide to learn Dutch, let me know :-)!


    Yes, Iris is my little daughter. The drawing you see is an artist impression of her. The Moon Bear is actually modeled after a lamp in her room (it's a little bear sitting on a moon shaped lamp).

  5. Yagmoth555 says:

    Margriet; Cool :o) That will be a great memory for your little daugther when she will be older.  

  6. Now that is really nice.

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