Wiki Life: Real Life Friends

Hello, and welcome, it's another Wednesday and its time for another Wiki Life!

We have written blog posts about how the wiki bond and connects technology and the community all together to a wonderful thing online, but that's not all the community itself is special. You get to meet and interact with people all over the world, and if you and up at TechEd, MVP Summit, or any other gatherings like a user group or some event, it may not be within the technology you are working with but any other. When you do you may be a TechNet Wiki evangelist or simply someone that just joined, speak up and you are probably meeting someone else that is contributing to the TechNet Wiki. Many of my articles were created after talking to others in the community and the passion for sharing and elaborating with them usually ended up as a TechNet Wiki article.

So what is the point in this, I made friends out of the TechNet Wiki in so many countries across the globe, Netherlands, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, USA, Sweden and so on. I have not met all of them in real life, but when the opportunity comes I'll definitely do it. So what I wanted to share is that you all are in this, it's very addictive. Anyways, summer are getting closer and we get more and more time to contribute even more


Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)




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  1. Yes, it's very cool when you start meeting with each other "in real life". Thanks, Tord! We'll meet one day. =^)

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