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Do you know about the TechNet Wiki Community Council? Well we've been running hard for a month, and I think we're ready to tell you about some of the bag of tricks we've been up to.

This is part of a series:

  1. Enter the Council (this blog post)
  2. A New Hope 
  3. Council Strikes Back
  4. Return of the Council 


First, here are the current 2013 members...

Microsoft Employees (4)


External (7)

And what are we doing? We're working on the TechNet Wiki Community Council Areas of Focus.

The basic idea is that we're pushing forward and making progress in a lot of areas. 

I want to brag about (announce) the great things we have going in some of the areas...

  1.  General Guidelines & Best Practices - Luigi Bruno
    1. Luigi made this new portal to include all our articles on this topic: Wiki: Governance and Guidelines Portal
    2. I linked to that article from the Home Page of TechNet Wiki.
    3. Got ideas for Luigi? Leave a comment!
  2.  Portal Growth - Luiz Henrique Lima Campos
    1. Luiz came up with a new list of four articles to feature on the home page of the Portuguese Wiki.
    2. I completed writing up the administrative process for our support team and submitted the request. They updated the Portuguese Wiki with the new recommended articles.
    3. Luiz has a lot of other big ideas to improve our portals. Leave a comment if you want to help him.
  3. Cross-Linking Expansion - Markus Vilcinskas
    1. Markus is getting started. Leave a comment with any questions for him or if you want to help.
  4. General Wiki Feature Requests and Bug Requests - Richard Mueller (& Ed Price)
    1. Richard is currently updating the Wiki: Known Issues.
    2. Richard is collecting feedback on what bugs are fixed in this Wiki Discussion forum thread. Please check it out and let him know when you've last seen those bugs. 
    3. I've assembled the feature requests and bugs into a spreadsheet that we review with the wiki/social tools team monthly to track progress. We had our first meeting, and it went very well.
  5. Spammers & Article Deletion - Peter Geelen
    1. Peter has done a fantastic job getting the last three years of spam and spammers cleaned up. Thanks to all the community members who have marked the Wiki articles as spam for him!
    2. If you come across any spam on TechNet Wiki, Peter's article does a great job of giving you steps to take... Wiki User Guide: Handling Abuse.
    3. Eventually we'll probably retire this area of focus and focus on another area instead.
  6. TechNet Wiki Featured Articles
    1. No one is assigned to this area yet.
  7. Product-based Community Growth (Leveraging Forums + Blogs) - Peter Laker (& Ed Price)
    1. Peter added this WPF forum thread to integrate that forum with TechNet Wiki better.
    2. Peter is off to an amazing start with the new TechNet Guru contest! Check out the TechNet Guru Contributions for May.
    3. We're starting with contests with some of the most popular forums:
      1. VisualBasic
      2. VisualC#
      3. SharePoint 2010 General and SharePoint 2010 Development
      4. Transact SQL
      5. Windows Phone Development
    4. Starting in June, I hope to add...
      1. Small Basic
      2. BizTalk
      3. SSAS
      4. SSRS
      5. SSIS
      6. WPF
    5. If you have any questions or requests, please leave a comment!
  8. Wiki Ninjas Blog Planning
    1. No one is assigned to this area yet.
  9. TNWiki Forum Community - Steef-Jan Wiggers
    1. Steef-Jan left an announcement on the Wiki Discussion forum about the Wiki Ninjas blog (this blog).
    2. Steef-Jan started this forum thread to discuss connecting the forums to TechNet Wiki better.
    3. If you have any more ideas or suggestions for Steef-Jan, leave a comment!
  10. General Community Projects and Social Initiatives  - Peter Geelen (& Peter Laker)
    1. Both Peters are getting started with their ideas on this one. Leave a comment if you have ideas!
  11. TechNet Wiki International Council - Bruno Lewin (& Luigi Bruno)
    1. The two "Bruno's" are getting a new council going that specializes on growing non-English languages on TechNet Wiki.
  12. TechNet Wiki Advisory Board - Ed Price (& Monica Rush) 
    1. I'm working with Monica Rush to get this board going again: TechNet Wiki Advisory Board
    2. Leave a comment if you have any ideas or suggestions!
  13. Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings - Margriet Bruggeman (& Ed Price)
    1. Margriet and I are building out a new idea for a TechNet Wiki rewards system: Wiki Ninja Belt Rankings


So there you are! A lot of amazing things are going on! Let us know if you want to help with any of these individual efforts (or if you have any questions)!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (26)
  1. it seems very exiting Ed.. If I can help, I will be honnored! ^^

  2. Gokan,

    The first thing that comes to mind is Bruno's International Council.

    Second, if you want to help anyone in any of their areas, let us know. Each person/area can use help.

    In other words, pick any area. =^)

    Then obviously I'll recommend whoever is helping us to the council when it comes time to invite a new member.


  3. I would be proud if I could help.

  4. I am amazed by the number of Spam articles Peter Geelen has deleted. Also, I'm very impressed by the response to Peter Laker's TechNet guru contest. People are paying attention and responding. Great work.

  5. Payman, in which area would you like to help? Same question for Gokan.

    We'll have the area owner sync with you and give you some ways that you can help.


  6. Ed, no one is assigned to section 6 (TechNet featured articles). May I help in this section?

  7. Payman, well is that the area you're passionate about? If so, I'll add myself to that area and go through that journey with you. I think the next steps look like this…

    (1) We need to update the Chinese and Russian featured articles. This includes several steps of building small teams with those key community members (small teams for each language) to pick the best articles.

    (2) Build a monthly process of small teams for Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese so that it becomes a self-sustaining system where they submit the featured article updates each month. Since Portuguese is so active, we can rotate two new articles in every two weeks.

    (3) Build a similar system for the English Wiki, but with one new article each week.

  8. Payman, you see how easy it is to get things started? All you had to do was ask, and that motivated me. =^)

    So I added a new article with the framework we'd need:…/17517.technet-wiki-featured-article-teams.aspx

  9. And I think there's an underlying question that this is going to bring up… how do you become a member of the TechNet Wiki Community Council? Well it previously was 8 members (4 MS and 4 external) from 2010-2012, and I've already expanded it to 11 members (4 MS and 7 external). This comment will become its own Wiki article as well. So this blog is giving us more clarity (lots of bang for its buck)! Here is the beginning of answering that question…

    First, I challenge you to middle-click the profiles of the members listed in this article. Their Wiki stats should make be humbling and make it obvious why they were invited (the council is currently made up of doers, people who have already done incredible things in our Wiki community).

    Second, here are the requirements of the External Community members:

    1. You must have authored at least 30 Wiki articles.

    2. You must have been invited to join the Wiki Ninjas blog. To be invited is a little more subjective, but it basically means that you have something to add to the community in the way you communicate and collaborate. It's purposefully vague. But if you comment a lot (on the blog and Wiki) and contribute to discussions, then that's a first step. The next step is making it obvious what you'll provide. For example, when Yottun tweeted an awesome chart that listed the progress of each language on TechNet Wiki, that became a reason to beg him to join our blog (to post an updated list each month). When Peter Laker and Ana made TechNet Wiki widgets for Windows 7 & 8, it became crystal clear that we wanted them to blog about their apps (and anything else). Or Margriet to blog about her Best Practices (and anything else). Or sometimes it's just a combination of doing a lot of editing/improving in the Wiki plus being social in the comments. That makes us want to know what you have to say (in blog form). Or for Gokan, it was a combination of a strong blog presence (on his own blog), social in comments, and a ton of great articles and edits spanning multiple languages. What it is for you, only you would know. But you can explore and ask questions until you find out. One idea for you is if you sign up to help one of the Council Members in their area, and you do that for a bit, I'll make you a blog author of the Wiki Ninjas blog so that you can blog about your journey and updates.

    3. The Community Council votes on a new member to add (this is the common scenario) or the head of the Community Council declares dictatorship and directly invites you (this is the exception, but it has happened).

    Just to be clear, a ton of people have met requirement #1, and a lot of people have met both requirements #1 and #2, and so currently we have an astonishing problem… too many amazing community contributors (it's humbling that these requirements are even possible). So we'll slowly grow into inviting some more members and replacing members as they need to step down. Please have patience with us, as we want to make sure our primary focus is on progress on the Wiki (versus growing the council).

  10. Here's the full article, including info about how an MS employee becomes a member (…/17518.technet-wiki-community-council-how-to-become-a-member.aspx). It's pretty lame to have all those details written out so logically, but it makes it more transparent and clear/fair about the process. Like I mentioned, having so many wonderful community members is a fantastic problem to have.

  11. Payman, can you email me? It's edprice at Microsoft. Thanks!

  12. This is really great work Ed! It's good too see that so many have so much time to contribute to the community. Keep it up!

  13. Patris_70 says:


    Please give my mail to Peyman

    We can working about Farsi/Persian articles


  14. @ Patris: I have emailed Ed, it would be a pleasure to work together Patris. ^ ^

  15. Okay. Great! I followed up with Patris and Payman. Thanks to both of you!

  16. Ed, I'm curious as to something.  You've encouraged the "From Forum" tag within the Wiki but we currently don't have any such usage within the Galleries.  I've uploaded a contribution or two that have been sourced from there and believe that there's plenty more that can be done.

    If interested, can I drop you an email on the idea to discuss?



  17. Steven, Yes!

    I believe there is a "has Gallery link" tag. We could use a lot more Gallery integration!

    We've written several blogs to encourage this…

    From Craig:…/synergy-between-the-technet-wiki-and-technet-gallery.aspx

    From me:…/gallery-technet-wiki-community-synergy.aspx

  18. Thanks Ed for the words.

    Unfortunately tomorrow I will not be able to attend the meeting will be traveling.

    : (

  19. Tord,

    Well I'm not sure we have time. But we're making time! Slowly. Over time. =^)

  20. Ed, maybe I can help Peter Geelen?

  21. Gokan, YES! Peter's #5 (spam) or #10 (other community projects)?


  22. I choose for #5 ..( spam ) ..

  23. Durval Ramos says:


    On the Wiki pt-BR, we need the guide created by Luigi (item 1 – "Governance and Guidelines Portal"). It was excellent and we not have this reference guide in Wiki pt-BR. I can start this translation (no problems)?

    I liked to help Luiz (item 2 – "Growth Portal") and, I can also help the two "Bruno's" (item 13 – "Wiki International Council").

    I love SQL and believe that my knowledge can help, but today it is more important organize the content for the Community to create more information that can be lost. This does not mean I'll stop creating my articles.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Hello Community for today's Monday Interview with a Wiki Ninja post (wait, what?! It's two of

  25. Updates… Gokan is now a member and focuses on #10 (other community projects). Durval, yes, you can help with this for a bit. You just became a blog author, so we’ll get the community comfortable with you through that. We’ll chat some more in Skype. Thanks!

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