Wiki Life: Do members of your User Group Wiki?

Are you a User Group Member, Leader, or Presenter?

Does the TechNet Wiki come up in group discussions, Q&A or in presented resource materials?

Calling all members of Microsoft User Groups worldwide - make an effort to promote the TechNet Wiki as a go to resource for technology solutions! Everyone will benefit. 

I was recently in Toronto, Canada presenting at the Toronto SharePoint Summit conference. Just a quick shout to all of the fantastic folks in the SharePoint community who were there and to the Toronto SharePoint Users Group - it was great to see you!

I had the pleasure of a few informal SharePint gatherings in Toronto that included SharePoint MVPs, speakers and at least half a dozen User Group Leaders. I made a point of discussing the positive online community that is the TechNet Wiki with everyone I could, and the comments/feedback I received were resoundingly positive. 

Most community leaders that I meet actively promote the TechNet Wiki in their circles. I always endeavor to promote Wiki usage to members of the Bermuda SharePoint Users Group, at every presentation I deliver and even with my clients.

The Wiki has thousands of quality articles contributed by members of the community spanning most technologies Microsoft has to offer. Every individual who works with Microsoft technologies can benefit from the insight and knowledge available on the Wiki.

If you identify a gap in Wiki content - contribute! Only positive things will happen when likeminded individuals contribute to a community cause.

Since the core mission of both User Groups and the TechNet Wiki is community, to connect likeminded people to collaborate, and to connect people with solutions, it is natural, for me and many others, to think of both in the same context.

The next time you host, present at or attend a User Group meeting, be sure to promote the great community based resources available on the TechNet Wiki and any success stories you have with using or contributing to the Wiki (also don't forget the Forums and the Gallery).

Let's make the community resources the best they can be.

In closing, I pose a question to the Wiki and User Group communities at large:

"How can the Wiki and User Group communities work together to collaborate on and connect individuals with relevant information and solutions related to Microsoft technologies of interest?"


Craig Lussier
Bermuda SharePoint Users Group:
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  1. Do you think most of the SharePoint user group leaders are already promoting TechNet Wiki in their groups? Or do you often talk them into doing so?

    Thanks, Craig!

  2. Ed, Thanks for your comment.

    My hope is that user group leaders (not just SharePoint 🙂 are promoting the TechNet Wiki, however I believe that much more can be done to make this a common and widespread reality.

    Anyone who is in a position to recommend resources to community members does so with a free will. I do what I can to promote resources I believe in with the hope that others in the field will benefit in a positive way as I have. In my opinion given the thousands of articles on the Wiki, individuals in most Microsoft related technology communities can benefit. Real people contributing their knowledge and success for others to benefit and collaborate on is the key. As community members realize the benefits of the Wiki, they take notice and become return information consumers with the potential to become content contributors.

    I do my best to provide options that address and solve real world scenarios primarily within the SharePoint user group community. I cannot tell anyone what they should or shouldn't do, however I can openly suggest and communicate my personal experience and the resources with which I've experienced success. In a lot of real world scenarios the Wiki has an article that contains a solution to offer or acts as a bridge (i.e. via links) to solutions online. I always refer others to the Wiki as it is a fantastic learning tool for so many technologies and others I personally know feel the same way.


  3. It's very difficult here in Europe to promote the Wiki or TechNet forums.. I already tried a few times but nothing concreet.

    They all want to contribute when I explain, but it's never becoming concreet.


  4. Gokan,

    It's interesting. Yuri D had a lot of success doing this. One way to do it is to ask what articles they'll want to publish on TechNet Wiki. And see if any collaboration projects emerge. Then you can form a little team where you follow up with them to see their projects or to ask again about collaboration strategies across the group.

  5. Gokan,

    It is important to consistently promote the resources which you believe will benefit the community. The set of resources you promote will surely include more than the Wiki. It is always about community within user groups and the Wiki is also a community where individuals can collaborate and learn – in my opinion it is a natural extension of user groups into the online space. There are so many ways to promote the Wiki – I like what Ed has outlined above as a possible positive approach. Success can be contagious – don't give up!

  6. Yagmoth555 says:

    Finding the Wiki is hard from a non en-US's country too 😐  I does not know how the pt-BR community did it to start to use the platform that much. I really respect and applaud them for that 🙂

    I did asked some of my friend where I work and nobody know the wiki. Why you will tell me, simple as no 'Wiki' button in the menu bar in the top in other OS language.

    I hope to see dedicated wiki page for every language ! (and mostly for every language supported by the forum (17)).

    A lot fo work is needed to clear that path too !

  7. Yagmoth,

    Yuri went to Brazil conferences and titled talks after TechNet Wiki. He invited his network and got people excited. So the entire session was devoted to learning about and brainstorming on ways to use the Wiki.

    This got people excited. Pretty soon they were doing the same thing at conferences (leading sessions about the Wiki) without Microsoft people helping. The interest and passion grew and grew.

  8. Lex Hegt says:

    The thing I like about promoting or, even better, using TechNet Wiki on User Groups, is that the knowledge with was firstly kept local (at that User Group) , got shared on TechNet Wiki and becomes spread worldwide. This is great for TechNet Wiki and the the global community, but it's also great for evolving the User Group itself!

  9. Anonymous says:

    You can find the list of authors here:
    Wiki Ninjas Blog: The Contributors

    Anyone can join us

  10. Anonymous says:

    The names are listed in order of when they joined the TechNet Wiki Community Council. Since

  11. Anonymous says:

    This blog is a follow up to our last list of Wiki Ninja Blog Authors: Council Spotlight: Who are the

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