4,000 People contributed to 14,000 Pages and 83,000 Edits on TechNet Wiki!!!

Did you know we now have 14,571 pages on TechNet Wiki? That's 14,000+ pages that you (the 4,150 community members) added, you refined, and you discussed! Thank you to every one of our contributors!

Here are the current numbers...

Main Wiki (English + Other Languages):

4,150 users have contributed 13,263 pages, 78,057 revisions, and 39,220 comments.

Portuguese Wiki:

178 users have contributed 1,140 pages, 4,731 revisions, and 3,065 comments.

Russian Wiki:

 44 users have contributed 119 pages, 477 revisions, and 127 comments.

Chinese Wiki:

 24 users have contributed 49 pages, 148 revisions, and 55 comments.


Totals (all Wikis):

4,150 users have contributed 14,571 pages, 83,413 revisions, and 42,467 comments.


Thanks again to everyone who has contributed!

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (7)
  1. Congratulations TechNet Wiki!!!

    700 users increase for a half year! Great!!


  2. Good to see this milestone !

  3. Nice! Yottun, that's one way we can track progress (looking back at stats in previous blog posts). Is this something we should do monthly to track progress?


  4. …Because then we can have (slightly) realistic community goals if we see how we're increasing every month. For example, a June challenge to increase by X number of total articles. I know we did this for the first thousand for the Wiki (back in 2010) and for the Portuguese Wiki.


  5. I'm a little bit curious Ed; and what about Turkish and French contributors?

  6. Gokan,

    They're mixed in with the Main Wiki numbers. That's why we need to get the separate language Wikis built.


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