4,000 People contributed to 14,000 Pages and 83,000 Edits on TechNet Wiki!!!

Did you know we now have 14,571 pages on TechNet Wiki? That’s 14,000+ pages that you (the 4,150 community members) added, you refined, and you discussed! Thank you to every one of our contributors!

Here are the current numbers…

Main Wiki (English + Other Languages):

4,150 users have contributed 13,263 pages, 78,057 revisions, and 39,220 comments.

Portuguese Wiki:

178 users have contributed 1,140 pages, 4,731 revisions, and 3,065 comments.

Russian Wiki:

 44 users have contributed 119 pages, 477 revisions, and 127 comments.

Chinese Wiki:

 24 users have contributed 49 pages, 148 revisions, and 55 comments.


Totals (all Wikis):

4,150 users have contributed 14,571 pages, 83,413 revisions, and 42,467 comments.


Thanks again to everyone who has contributed!

   – Ninja Ed

Comments (7)

  1. Tomoaki Yoshizawa says:

    Congratulations TechNet Wiki!!!

    700 users increase for a half year! Great!!


  2. Santosh Bhandarkar says:

    Good to see this milestone !

  3. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    Nice! Yottun, that's one way we can track progress (looking back at stats in previous blog posts). Is this something we should do monthly to track progress?


  4. Ed Price - MSFT says:

    …Because then we can have (slightly) realistic community goals if we see how we're increasing every month. For example, a June challenge to increase by X number of total articles. I know we did this for the first thousand for the Wiki (back in 2010) and for the Portuguese Wiki.


  5. Gokan Ozcifci says:

    I'm a little bit curious Ed; and what about Turkish and French contributors?

  6. Ed Price - MSFT says:


    They're mixed in with the Main Wiki numbers. That's why we need to get the separate language Wikis built.


  7. hassan sayed issa20014 says:

    thank you