Is there a living Wiki legend? Yes, his name is R……

Hello Wiki ninjas!

It’s again me, and today I want to highlight a wonderful contributor on our Friday International Update. He’s active in the Microsoft Forums, TechNet Wiki, and TechNet Gallery. His username on the Microsoft site is "Richard Mueller". Mostly he is active in the following TechNet Forums: "The Official Scripting Guys Forum", "Directory Services", "Windows PowerShell", and "Windows Server General".

Until there you can say that this is a simple biography. But wait?! A little focus on the Wiki articles: He edited more than 3300 articles and commented more than 2650 articles. WOW !


New Articles


Article Edits





Amazing work Richard! I’ve got only from you more than 50 articles modification emails. Thank you for you work, your contributions and your limitless passion to share!

I name of the community and our Wiki Ninjas Group I want to “MERCI" …


I hope you all will have a great week-end!

A+ (means in French see you ! 🙂 )



Comments (9)

  1. Wow, thank you very much for the recognition. It's fun working in the Wiki.

  2. Richard being great of course, And this cat is really cute!!

  3. Congratulations Richard, and thank you for all your community contributions!

  4. Congratulations Richard, You indeed deserve this recognition  🙂 Amazing work !!!

  5. bshwjt says:

    Great Richard. You are always awesome.

  6. Naomi N says:

    Congratulations, Richard!

  7. lucy says:

    Great post from your hands again. I loved the complete article.
    By the way nice writing style you have. I never felt like boring while reading this article.

    I will come back & read all your posts soon. Regards, Lucy.

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