Wiki Life: Forget the Ninjas’ Principle of Silence

Hi everyone - I'm back, after a while!

So many things happened to me during the past weeks - it's amazing how an active community can inspire you to share (and learn) more and more, let it be an online or an offline one.

I was focusing to the offline communities during the last weeks - well, summer is coming and to be honest, being out of doors is simply better now (I live on the northern hemisphere).

But last week I had the chance to show TechNet Wiki for someone who had a Profile as he was a Forum user already. I also showed Gallery to him, since he has a number of useful scripts and code samples which he wants to share. However he thought a blog would be better for that (check out point 5 here why it isn't).

Unfortunately he didn't know about the existence of these additional options for online interaction with other Forum users. But after showing these things, I saw that I convinced him about using Gallery and Wiki as well.


Hey, Social Authoring has won a battle against Selfish Authoring... again!


But I wouldn't have had the chance to show Wiki if we didn't meet offline and we didn't talk. So it made me thinking about starting an offline "campaign" about these platforms to look for other people as well who would find Wiki useful. I don't expect that it will be a triumphal progress, but I'll ask for advice of the Wiki Ninja Supremes in Brazil, they are the most experienced in this. Perhaps I should ask the Shirtless Man as well.

Ed and Yuri already wrote a lot about the potential of using TechNet Wiki, Blogs, Forums, Galleries, and CodePlex together. But as I've seen, combining online and offline communities also adds to this - there are people out there, who might profit a lot from these platforms, especially if they combine them together. As authors, and as members of the community as well.

So this is a war where everyone can win.

OK, except the habit which is called Selfish Authoring.


Ninjas used to be silent. Wiki Ninjas especially because they usually use keyboards for communication. But don't forget to talk when you have an opportunity to spread the word about TechNet Wiki 🙂



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  1. This is like a scavenger hunt with all those embedded links! Thanks, Zoltan!

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