Do we have to unify our signatures on the WIKI?

Hello the community,

It a shiny Sunday at Belgium today and I’m very tired after the SharePoint Saturday yesterday but this is not a reason to forgot my post!   Today I want to talk about “signatures” on TechNet Wiki and TechNet Blogs ! After searching a while on internet I’ve found the theatrical explanation of a signature:


A signature (from Latin: signare, "to sign") is a handwritten (and often stylized) depiction of someone's name, nickname, or even a simple "X" or other mark that a person writes on documents as a proof of identity and intent. The writer of a signature is a signatory or signer. Similar to a handwritten signature, a signature work describes the work as readily identifying its creator. A signature may be confused with an autograph, which is chiefly an artistic signature. This can lead to confusion when people have both an autograph and signature and as such some people in the public eye keep their signatures private whilst fully publishing their autograph.


I know from the past that Ana Paula de Almeida created an International collection of Wiki Ninja stick figures.  There are fourteen (14) stick figure variations of the International Wiki Ninja in this series. The images include: Brazilian Ninja, Chinese Ninja, Russian Ninja, Korean Ninja, Italian Ninja, Spanish Ninja, Turkish Ninja, American Ninja, French Ninja, Hungarian Ninja, Indonesian Ninja, Japanese Ninja and German Ninja.

You can download all the stick figures here:

I’ve decided to create my signature with the Turkish Figure and created something like that:

As said, a signature should be unique; something that is reflecting yourself. Something that’s a part of you. Something that you will be proud to share and use. Recently Serhad Makbuloglu joined our team. I’m very proud that he joined our team because I know him personally and he is a wonderful “big brother” for me. He also came from the fantastic Turkish Community and uses the figures of Ana.



We both have the same signature and when I search on internet “Turkish Ninja Wiki” I can see our both pictures..



I decided to check each Wiki Ninja Contributor’s signature to see if they had an unique signature:

The answer is "YES" .. I will work on a new signature and hopefully for my new blog post get it out. This is my draft  🙂 :

But my question is the following: Do you think that a little detail can change our world by unifying our signatures ( to get more visibiltiy ) ?


Gokan Ozcifci ( ex Turkish Ninja ) 

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  1. Ha! I just like seeing all the different Wiki Ninja Stick Figures in the signatures!

  2. héhé, okay.. So I have to modify my signature :^)

  3. I have to get a ninja stick figure for my signature! Although I've been working and living in Bermuda for many years and am very active in the local SharePoint community, I am Canadian and would need to sport a ninja Maple Leaf 🙂 Since the collection does not include a Canadian flag, I'll make on based on the template.

    @Gokan – perhaps a Wiki post can be created on a 'suggested' signature format in an attempt to unify the format for ninjas. What do you think?


  4. Craig,

    I was thinking like you;. A few days ago I had a little change with Jan ( BizTalk MVP ) and he had the same concerns like me. The Wiki is not visible enough ..

    Not everybody knows about The Wiki and even less about our  Wiki Ninjas Group.

    My idea was to get a "unified" signature on each article that the "wiki ninjas members" creates  with a link to our blog ( Wiki Ninjas Blog ).. So people could click on it an get more information and maybe get recruited by Ed .

  5. Mehmet PARLAKYİĞİT says:

    Başarılar dilerim kardeşim.

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