TNWiki Article Spotlight: testdriving your Wiki article

Ever wanted to test drive your Wiki article, checking how it really looks before you publish? 

Allow me to have the spotlight shine just across the Wiki article boundaries...

As there are a few ways to achieve this.

For the first hint, I would like to refer to an article I published 2 weeks ago: Wiki Life: Hints & tips for keeping the article design under control.

To be precise, it's about the comment that Kurt Hudson posted:

"/../I also want to say that Markus found out that Expressions Web is now free for download. I find it to be an excellent TechNet Wiki offline copy and paste formatting tool. I made a short URL link to the download

Using that editor makes me feel much better about not losing my work and has resolved a lot of the issues I've run into trying to fix formatting in my own TechNet Wiki articles. So far I have just been able to click Edit, do a copy and paste into a local HTML file, and when I am done, do another copy and paste into the Editor on the TechNet Wiki."

Microsoft Expression Web offers an interesting set of features to ease your life, significantly.

And, ... IT'S FREE!


Another way of testing your article is the QA platform of the TNWiki.

Check it out (*):

Sometime the preview mode online is not the same as offline, is not the same as the version published.

You can test your article on the QA Wiki and then publish it on the live production Wiki platform.
But realise that every now and then the QA is overwritten with the latest production data, you risk to lose your test articles.

Anyway, it's a very interesting tool to check how the online editor behaves.

And, ... IT'S FREE!

Let me know if you got other interesting suggestions, appreciate your feedback!


[Ka-jah Shakaah!]
The Security & Identity Ninja.

Peter Geelen
Premier Field Engineer - Security & Identity at Microsoft

(*) I can't recall to request access to the QA, I'm using it for quite a while now. Other Wiki Ninja's have the same kind of black hole in their memory.
So currently checking with the Wiki Ninja Sensei...

Comments (2)

  1. I think the theme here is… FREE!!!

    I agree about Expression Web. It's a great way to do some quick formatting offline.

  2. My methods are not for everyone, but I paste my HTML into a text file with *.htm extension. When I double click the file it opens in IE where I can see the result. I do this especially when I am formatting tables or code. I can edit the *.htm until I get what I want. Then I can paste the HTML into the HTML editor of the Wiki article.

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