Wiki Life: Want to help me update the TechNet Wiki Known Issues?

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So, want to help me update the TechNet Wiki Known Issues?

First head to the TechNet Wiki Discussion forum. A wiki forum? Yeah, it's a forum for talking about TechNet Wiki. I mean, this is a wiki blog, so why not a wiki forum? It works. Try it out. It's fun.


There we've got this thread going (and there will likely be more):


And so we're discussing on the thread (and later on other threads in that forum) about how to clean up the Wiki: Known Issues.


Specifically, we need to identify which ones are fixed, add any workarounds, and add any bugs. Richard Mueller recently helped add Wiki Editor #14. And Yagmoth recently added more info to Comments #1.


I'm working on getting the Wiki feature requests and known issues up to date and reported to the Wiki team properly. It's my April Area of Focus. Here's the list of all of them:


So can you head on over to the forum thread and the wiki article and help us any? For example, on the forums thread, you can help as we work to verify which bugs are fixed. So see if you can duplicate some of the bugs. That way we can update them with the date when they were last seen.


Also, please leave a comment below if you've noticed any issues on the Wiki, and we'll cross-check to make sure we've got them covered.



Wiki, Wiki, not so tricky.

   - Ninja Ed

Comments (3)

  1. Yes, Ed. I'll help you update the Wiki Known Issues!

  2. Oh, thank you Ed! I was worried I'd have to do it all myself!

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