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Today it’s the Friday- international spotlight.

First of all, I want to give a big hug to Yottun8 for the Locale Tag Raking who is a capital post for the Friday- international spotlight.

Secondly, another hug to Luiz Henrique Lima Campos [MVP] for his gifts and Wiki day Award who is also very important to the Friday. Today will be a different Friday Post; I want to highlight a chapter that doesn’t have “directly” to make with the WIKI.


Last Monday, I’ve been guest speaker for a SharePoint Session at MIC (



But, what is actually the MIC ? The Microsoft Innovation Center is a non profit organization located in Brussels, Mons and Genk and a private-public partnership between the Brussels Region and private partners like Microsoft whose goal is to sustain the development of the IT sector in the Brussels region with a specific focus on SaaS and Clouds technologies.

At the end of my speaking, I had a slide where was clearly written: “Find a Community that suits you” and I’ve put this logos:


Everybody knew the NothingButSharePoint site. Many of them were also visiting other social platforms but nobody knewed about the SharePoint Wiki Ninjas Group.



Here a few questions and remarks about our group:


The community Question: What is actually “the Wiki Ninjas group”

Ninja Gokan’s Answer: Wiki Ninjas is a group of authors who celebrate and evangelize the community catalyst and social-authoring excellence that is known as TechNet

What the Community Thinks: “OMG, he is a geek”

What Ninja Gokan Should Answer: We are  just a few people writing articles to promote the Wiki articles !



The community Question: Are we get paid for writing articles?

Ninja Gokan’s Answer: TechNet, Wiki, Forum and many other are giving free support and troubleshooting resources for IT professionals, paid subscription services, community resources, technical libraries, downloads, training resources, a magazine, and much more. Find out more about Microsoft TechNet and TechNet Plus subscriptions by exploring the links on this page.

What the Community Thinks: “OMG, he is a geek”

What Ninja Gokan Should Answer: Never, you will get recognition by the community by writing articles and sharing knowledge ! You will get prices by the Brazilian Community and got maybe your first “Interview” with Ed Price !



The community Question:  Who is Ed Price?

Ninja Gokan’s Answer: Ed is a Customer Program Manager on the SQL Server Customer Experience team. He used to be a Technical Writer for SQL Server Analysis Services and PowerPivot. He also worked for Microsoft Hardware (mice, keyboards, webcams) and Microsoft Surface (touch computing). Ed contributes on TechNet Wiki, Forums, and MSDN/TechNet Blogs.  I guess he is the founder of the Wiki Ninjas Group and a real

What the Community Thinks: “OMG, he is also geek”

What Ninja Gokan Should Answer:  He is our Master-Sensei-Sama-Domo



The community Question: Can We join? What do we have to do to become a member of Wiki Ninjas Group?

Ninja Gokan’s Answer: Contribute on TechNet Wiki, Forums and improve quality on articles by modify them.

What the Community Thinks: “OMG, we are becoming geeks”

What Ninja Gokan Should Answer: Buy chocolate and biscuits to all the members of the Wiki Ninjas Group. Send them to me; and I will relay them 🙂



The community Question: What do you personally think about the Wiki Ninjas Group?

Ninja Gokan’s Answer:

What the Community Thinks:

What Ninja Gokan Should Answer:


After all these question I could saw the stars cat walking in their eyes. I hope I could awake their interrest to post to the WIKI, and maybe one day get selected by Ed Price to be a member of our “WIKI NINJAS GROUP”.

 Many of them where developers but yeah “nobody is perfect” 🙂 .. And as I said every article is welcome to the WIKI.

A great thanks to these 3 persons in name of ALL the community for their force, will and courage to make such events and maintain the Microsoft Innovation Center.   




 I’ve especially leaved the two last cases empty .. What should you answer for changing their mind of "geek" ? 🙂  


Turkish Ninja Gokan


twitter: @gokanozcifci


Microsoft SharePoint Community Contributor

Comments (4)

  1. says:

    Hi Gokan,

    Thank you again for joining us ! It was a real pleasure to listen to you and I hope to see you again the next time we organize an afterwork about Sharepoint 🙂

  2. Hahahahaha! That's pretty funny.

    This is my favorite quote: "we are becoming geeks"

    That's great! Thanks, Gokan! Flattery gets you everywhere!

    Oh, and for the record now, I count 5 community influencers who are becoming MVPs in the last year where TechNet Wiki was a key factor in that process.  

    So go community go! =^)

  3. Renaud,

    It was a real pleasure for me also !  Thanks for everything!

    Oh, Ed, that's great news ! Technet Wiki is not only important for the MVP award ! How to say, "it's our way to live" ..

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