Thursday Community Win: Real-life scenarios – What happend?

Hello and welcome to another Community Win.

It's Thursday and we are getting closer and closer to the weekend. I'm still in my 12 weeks for paternity leave and I always end up thinking that with this kid I'll have a lot more time doing community work. But reality strikes!

I do have the evenings and nights. However I end up doing all other type of work, building a terrace, finishing the kitchen or building some new closets (yeah, nothing to do with IT). I've also spent time writing and finishing of my white paper about "Proactivity in BizTalk", I hope this will be out soon. And I've been to stage a couple of times this year (London, Portugal) and got plenty more coming Oslo, Norway, Milan, Italy, Amsterdam, The Netherland, Charlotte NC, Stavanger, Norway and so on. It\s sad to think that the day only have 24 hours.

But over to my blog post, my kid is sleeping so instead of making dinner I'll update you all on the status of the "real life scenario" or "Case studies". What really happened. I started the idea a few weeks ago in this blog post but it seems like it stopped there.

I haven't had the time myself to write one, though I got 3 coming real soon. I'm doing some presentation regarding how to utilize and use BizTalk which in the end will end up as great TechNet Wiki case studies.

I still want your help, as I'm well familiar with BizTalk, I don't know that much about Exchange, Lync, SQL etc. This type of articles are great for references in the future and to avoid people going into the same potholes as you might have ended up in, was my product the correct product, how did we end up with it and how have it helped the company.

I herby challenge you, within the next two months I will do my best to provide as many articles regarding "case studies" or "real-life scenarios" and you have to beat me. The winner will be interviewed on the blog and be granted a very special price. Remember that in my eyes this is a huge community win as we all can take part of it and learn from others mistake, and to learn more about the products we are working on.

Remember to use the tag "community case study".

Norwegian Ninja Tord (Blog, Twitter, Wiki, Profile)

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  1. I wish I could contribute. What are you looking for from these case studies?

    For example, lots of folks might be more reserved to explain how their company uses software. What would an example look like. Maybe if I see a template or an example I can see if it's not too revealing to do one about the technologies I use. That might be limited to specific ones, but still might be good.

    Thanks Tord!

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