Wiki Life: Introduction to the Wiki Toolbox

Writing Wiki articles is fun - right?
How can it be even more fun?

We have all these great templates and instructions for writing great Wiki articles on the Wiki site; however, whenever I need them, it usually takes too much time to locate and implement them.
Wouldn't it be helpful to have common tasks such as adding a "Note box" to a Wiki article just "ready to be added" when you need them?

If your answer is "yes", you might want to take a look at the Wiki Toolbox:

The Wiki Toolbox is an attempt to make common Wiki tasks available at your fingertips.

For example, I often need to add PowerShell script code to either my own articles or articles I'm editing for others.
Yes, we have a script to do this, which is good - but, hey, I'm a lazy person and we are working in a Windows environment...
This is why I have added to the tool an option to quickly load a "pastable" representation of the script code into your clipboard.
With this option, adding PowerShell script code to a wiki article takes only four clicks, which is definitely much faster than my old scripted solution.

The same applies to other default tasks such as adding the already mentioned "Note box" to a Wiki article or creating an announcement of a Wiki article on a TechNet forum Jan has mentioned in yesterday's article spotlight.

I have started to document how to install and use the Wiki Toolbox in  Wiki: Introduction to the Wiki ToolBox, which is - of course - a Wiki article.
Please see the article for a most recent overview of the supported features.

Feedback is always welcome - so, please don't hesitate to share your thoughts with us.
By the way, I would like to extend a big thank you to Kurt and Peter for the feedback they have already provided.
Peter, I have added the feature you were asking for yesterday and you are now on the hook for updating the instructions...

I hope, the Wiki Toolbox can help the Wiki community to have even more fun developing Wiki articles.
If you have suggestions for improvements - bring 'em on 🙂


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  1. Go Markus! You ARE amazing!!!!!

  2. If anyone uses this, please link to your article so we can go check it out!

  3. And welcome Markus to the Wiki Ninjas! This is Markus' first blog post, immortalized here:…/

  4. Welcome Markus!

    It's a great post and I hope reading more of you

  5. The short url to the TN Wiki toolbox article =

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