Community Win: Wiki Ninja Belts

Hello and welcome everybody to our Thursday - Community Win.

In the past we have talked a lot with wiki ninjas about what it is like to be a wiki ninja, what real ninjas are and what that has to do with the wiki. Before I start the real post let me give you an overview what other wiki ninjas think about the "ninja style":

... and many more, more, more articles. I have thought about to mention every article in this post, but I think I better write a book about it 😉

But what makes a ninja a ninja? Of course a black suit, but if that were the only symbol of recognition the Men in Black are also ninjas. I do not want to say they aren't, but let me come back to my original question: What makes a ninja a ninja? Another good answer could be "He/she has a ninja stick figure like this or that one". Ok, now we are close to my point. I will give you the answer. It is the mystical belt which makes a ninja a ninja. But here's the problem: How do you distinguish between a novice and a real master, a non-invisible wiki ninja? To help you to answer that question the Grand Master himself gives you an overview about the wiki ninja belt rankings. With that secret weapon in your pocket you're closer to become a real ninja.

Back to "reality": That's one point to recognize a ninja. What do you think? What makes a ninja a ninja?

- German Ninja Jan (Twitter, BlogProfile)

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  1. Ha! Thanks Jan! Regarding the Belt Rankings, that's something we're exploring and ideating around.

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